myZoom – Another magnifier add-on for No$GBA NDS emulator

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myZoom (ANA: myZoomSoft) is another auxiliary add-on maganifier program specially designed for NO$GBA (another one is NO$Zoomer), that means you should use it along with the NDS emulator NO$GBA.

In fact, myZoom’s role is basically the same as NO$Zoomer – just enables you to play NDS video games using NO$GBA on PC with bigger screen (including Full-Screen). As to which one is better, I suggest when you encounter a problem, just remember to try another one, and it is OK to use the one you like at ordinary times.

// Key Features //

  • Entirely Unicode Supported.
  • Supported .png image.
  • Vista UAC Compatible.
  • Rom directory will be saved into .conf file.
  • You can select any color for SKIN transparent color.
  • Reload Uncompressed Rom, myZoom won’t run No$gb
  • Automatically pause Emu when you config myZoom.
  • You can close the unzip-window easily except Alt + F4.
  • myZoom will remember the path of no$gba.exe. So you can use myZoom in anywhere.
  • ROM will be extracted into temporary directory of current user.
  • When you exit myZoom, C:\ndsrom will be deleted
  • FullScreen mode saved into config file, so myZoom will start in FullScreen mode when you run myZoom next time.
  • You can Pause no$gba. The shortcut key is P.
  • Support Zip and RAR.
  • You can Load ROM with 7Zip compressed. (ALL myZoom Files must be in the no$gba directory/subdirectory.)
  • You can use BMP or JPEG for the Skin. BETA VERSION.
  • FullScreen function
  • Supports Kega Fusion Plugins.
  • Two Zoomed Windows, independently moveable.
  • myZoom requires OpenGL; myZoomSoft requires CPU only.
  • You can hide No$gba, through this program to play games.
  • Three kinds of Render API: CPU, Direct3D 9, and OpenGL

// How To Use //

Just extract and copy the myZoom folder to NO$GBA directory, and then run myZoom.exe to select an NDS ROM file (in .nds, .zip, .rar or .7z format) to play!

  • Right click on main window of this program to adjust settings
  • Press left mouse + right mouse to move lower screen(none border and none all border)
  • Right click to move upper screen.
  • Right click to move myZoom when Skin On

// Shortcut Keys //

  • 1 (below F1): Switch to single window
  • 2 (below F2): Switch to double windows
  • 3 (below F3): Full-Screen/window
  • 5 (below F5): If you switch to single window, you press this key to zoom the upper screen or lower screen of NO$GBA
  • 8 (below F8): Turn single monitor On/Off
  • 0 (below F10): normal –> turn left –> turn right –> normal …
  • P: Pause/Resume NO$GBA

*** The shortcut keys of NO$GBA are also supported, e.g. F11…

// Edition Statement //

This is the myZoom v1.8.36 Final multi-language Unicode edition, collected and finished by SoleWe, including 17 plugins and 7 language files!

// Prompts //

Please do not extract the myZoom compressed package file into an irregularly named directory like, otherwise you will encounter many strange errors.

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// Download URLs //

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