[v12.0.10] Navicat Premium – Award-winning universal database manager

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[v12.0.10] Navicat Premium – Award-winning universal database manager

Navicat Premium is an award-winning universal database managing tool that is enough to meet professional database developers' all requirements. In particular, for newcomers to database servers, it is also quite easy to learn and use.

Within a single application, Navicat Premium is capable of connecting all versions of the mainstream types of DBMS (MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MariaDB...) at the same time, then performing management and operation. That's to say, with Navicat Premium in hand, you do not have to switch between different database tools for different types of databases - just direct transfer data among them.

BTW, as support of main functions of most DBMS (including stored procedures, events, triggers, functions, views, etc.), Navicat Premium also integrates many important features from other members of Navicat products.

[v12.0.10] Navicat Premium – Award-winning universal database manager

[v12.0.10] Navicat Premium – Award-winning universal database manager

// Key Features //

  • Secure Connection
  • Object Designer
  • Table Viewer
  • SQL Builder/Editor
  • Database Designer
  • PL/SQL Code Debugger
  • Report Builder/Viewer
  • Import/Export Wizard
  • Data Transfer
  • Data/Structure Synchronization
  • Backup/Restore
  • Schedule
  • ER diagram
  • Connection coloring/Virtual grouping
  • Tree/object filter
  • Favorites

[v12.0.10] Navicat Premium – Award-winning universal database manager

// System Requirements //

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable (x86, x64)

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Navicat Premium Enterprise Edition multilingual portable full registered versions for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit.

// Related Links //

// Download URLs //

for Windows
Enterprise Editionv11.0.18reservedn/a
v11.2.1532-bit | 64-bit34.7 MB | 47.0 MB
v12.0.1032-bit | 64-bit38.7 MB | 43.8 MB
for Mac OS X
Enterprise Editionv11.2.16for Mac Fast Link Page78.7 MB
v12.0.8for Mac Fast Link Page117 MB


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