NO$GBA – Most popular and best Nintendo DS emulator

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NO$GBA (short for Nocash Game Boy Advance, AKA: No Cash GBA) is an NDS (Nintendo Dual Screen)/NDS Lite/GBA (GameBoy Advance) all-in-one emulator for both MS-DOS and Windows platforms which are perfectly compatible with most NDS games.

Believe that you may see from its name, NO$GBA was originally designed to focus on the Nintendo GBA’s emulation for PC, but it did not make a figure as expected in the GBA emulation world. Until the emergence of its version 2.2, it finally shined because of the new added supporting of NDS console emulation. As a consequence, NO$GBA has been recognized as the strongest NDS emulator with the best emulation performance until now.

But after the version 2.6a (with faster and better 3D effects – shadow/edge/frame/capture, backup detect, and more) released in 2008, it stopped updating (might due to the funding problems). Amazingly, after many years (2008~2015), NO$GBA finally released its more advanced version – v2.8, which contains a variety of improvements on GBA/NDS/CPU/graphical user interface and details.

// Key Features //

  • Of all the NDS emulators No$GBA has the best compatibility with commercial DS ROMs. And of course it supports running Nintendo DS homebrew.
  • NO$GBA includes a variety of options for emulation, including multiple save types, and multiple cartridge reading.
  • NO$GBA is also able to load multiple GBA/NDS ROM files for the purpose of multiplayer functions.
  • No$GBA is also the only current Gameboy Advance emulator that can emulate multiple gameboys at the same time and link them for multiplayer gameplay. This will let you trade Pokemons on emulator and play all the GB Multiplayer games.
  • With a little help from NO$Zoomer games can be played on full screen.
  • Include zoom option for the screen to make the screen bigger

// How To Use Multiplayer //

  • Put the GBA BIOS file in the emulator’s folder, and rename it to “gba.rom”
  • Run No$GBA.exe
  • Pick a GBA game image (no ZIP)
  • Go to “Options/Emulation Setup”
  • Increase the number of “Emulated Gameboys”
  • In “Link Gamepaks”, set “Gamepaks in all GBA”
  • In “Reset/Startup Entrypoint”, set “GBA BIOS (Nintendo logo)”
  • Click OK, you should then see 2 GBA screens side by side
  • Right click on the left window, click on “Link” so that the window comes back to normal.
  • Then redo the right-click and click “Link”, and here we go, the 2nd gameboy does boot!

***Please remember that the more Gameboy’s you emulate the stronger the PC will have to be!

// Edition Statement //

The Windows debug version has been exclusively designed for professional developers. It is not a toy. And it is completely useless for gamers. Just choose the Windows gaming version or DOS gaming version.

// Prompts //

  • NO$GBA does NOT support ZIP/RAR file formats, so you have to unzip ROMs before playing to select your ROM file.

// Related Links //

// Download URLs //

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