Noesis – View and extract models and animations from 3D games

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Noesis is a very powerful and easy to use universal game data unpacking tool, created and maintained by Rich Whitehouse. It is mainly used to preview, convert and extract/export (reverse engineer) all kinds of 3D resources/assets from PC and video games, and considered to be one of the must-have tools for making game MODs (Ninja Ripper is another).

Noesis works with almost any game, supports hundreds of common data formats for 3D models, images, animations, and more. It is also able to process, convert, and visualize options for many different types of volume data, including medical imaging formats such as Analyze 7.5, NifTI-1, and DICOM. You can use Noesis to view any .dat file, including zones, character models, etc.; export .dat file of models directly into popular 3D file formats like .obj and .fbx; the character models retain animations on export by default, and you can disable this feature as needed.

Noesis employs a powerful native plugin system and scripting APIs to support native extension modules and Python scripts. The plugins and scripts can provide hundreds of new functions and interfaces assisting in developing new formats, tools, and visualization aids, e.g.: new file format support, hex editor, binary scanner, mesh voxelizer, native debugger and disassembler, web server for sharing models, software rasterizer, various visual tools (such as a geometry picker and material selection widget), motion capture interface, etc.

// Supported Notable Formats and Standards //

Detailed list:

  • 3D Studio Max ASE (*.ase)
  • 3D Studio Max Binary (*.3ds)
  • AFS container (*.afs)
  • Animlist (*.animlist)
  • ARC container (*.arc)
  • ARC zlib/xmem container (*.arc)
  • ARC2.0 container (*.arc)
  • autodesk FBX (*.fbx)
  • Bayonetta Model (*.dat)
  • Biovision Hierarchy Anim (*.bvh)
  • BMP Image (*.bmp)
  • BND container (*.bnd)
  • BND305 container (*.bnd)
  • BNR container (*.bnr)
  • Bouncer Model (*.fe)
  • Bouncer Texture (*.tex)
  • BSBM Mk2 BND (*.bnd)
  • Bujingai compressed bin (*.bin)
  • Bujingai Model/Texture (*.bjp)
  • Bullet Witch CPR Model/Textures (*.cpr;*.czr)
  • COLLADA (*.dae)
  • CPK package (*.cpk)
  • Crunch Texture (*.crn)
  • CV:DXC RES Archive (*.res)
  • DAT/.1 container (*.dat)
  • DCTEXPAK Textures (*.dct)
  • DDS Image (*.dds)
  • Desert Strike container (*.dat)
  • Desert Strike Graphic (*.dsg)
  • DMC4/RE5/etc. Tex Image (*.tex)
  • DMC4/RE5/LP Model (*.mod)
  • DOAX2/NG2 Model (*.tp;*.tpr;*.gmd)
  • Doom 3 Engine Proc File (*.proc)
  • DQ&FF in Itadaki Street Special JOB (*.job)
  • Dreamcast PVM Textures (*.pvm)
  • Duke Nukem Forever DAT (*.dat)
  • Duke Nukem Forever Model (*.msh)
  • Duke Nukem Forever Static Model (*.smsh)
  • Duke3D ART Images (*.art)
  • Duke3D GRP Archive (*.grp)
  • EF/Raven MDR (*.mdr)
  • Evangelion: Jo container (*.pkg)
  • FF Type-0 Model/Texture (*.t0mdl)
  • FF Type-0 Pack (*.t0pak)
  • FF10/FF10-2 Animation (*.ffa)
  • FF10/FF10-2 Disc Image (*.iso)
  • FF10/FF10-2 Model (*.ffm)
  • FF12 Animation (*.ff12a)
  • FF12 Disc Image (*.iso)
  • FF12 Model (*.ff12m)
  • FF13 container (*.x360.bin)
  • FF13/FF13-2 Animation (*.bin)
  • FF13/FF13-2 Graphics Bundle (*.xgr)
  • FF13/FF13-2 Model (*.trb)
  • FF7 Crisis Core container (*.pkg)
  • FF7 Crisis Core Model (*.ff7ccmodel)
  • FF7 PSX Battle Model (*.lzs)
  • FF8 Battle Model (*.dat)
  • FF8 FS container (*.fs)
  • FF8IMG container (*.img)
  • FF9 Animation (*.ff9anm)
  • FF9 IMG (*.img)
  • FF9 Model (*.ff9mdl)
  • FF9DB Package (*.ff9db)
  • FPK container (*.fpk)
  • FTR container (*.ftr)
  • FX Fighter DAT Model (*.dat)
  • Gamebryo KF (*.kf)
  • Gamebryo NIF (*.nif)
  • GCF container (*.gcf)
  • GHOUL2 Model or Animation (*.glm;*.gla)
  • GIF Image (*.gif)
  • GIM Image (*.gim)
  • GMO Model/Animation (*.gmo)
  • Grandia 2 Model/Data (*.l62c)
  • Half-Life .map (*.map)
  • Half-Life MDL Model (*.mdl)
  • HED/WAD container (*.hed)
  • Heretic 2 FM Model (*.fm)
  • Hokuto Musou Model (*.bin)
  • Icon Image (*.ico)
  • Inter-Quake Model (*.iqm)
  • ISO container (*.iso)
  • JK1 3DO Model (*.3do)
  • JK1 GOB Archive (*.gob;*.goo)
  • JK1 JKL Model (*.jkl)
  • JK1 KEY Animation (*.key)
  • JK1 MAT Image (*.mat)
  • JPEG Image (*.jpg)
  • KOS Dreamcast Image (*.kmg)
  • LithTech REZ container (*.rez)
  • Love Hina: Smile Again Model (*.pac)
  • M32 Image (*.m32)
  • M8 Image (*.m8)
  • md5anim (Doom 3, Prey, etc.) (*.md5anim)
  • md5mesh (Doom 3, Prey, etc.) (*.md5mesh)
  • Metroid Prime container (*.pak)
  • MVC3 Model (*.mod)
  • NI/NA container (*.ni)
  • Ninja Chunk Model (*.nj)
  • Ninja Model Motion (*.njm)
  • Ninja-style PVR Image (*.pvr)
  • Noesis Scene File (*.noesis)
  • NS:UNS2 Model (*.xfbin)
  • PBP container (*.pbp)
  • PCX Image (*.pcx)
  • PE:T3B container (*.pkg)
  • PE:T3B Model/Texture (*.pack)
  • PNG Image (*.png)
  • PVRTC Image (*.pvr)
  • Quake 1/Half-Life BSP (*.bsp)
  • Quake II BSP (*.bsp)
  • Quake II MD2 (*.md2)
  • Quake II WAL Texture (*.wal)
  • Quake III BSP (*.bsp)
  • Quake III MD3 (*.md3)
  • Quake LMP (*.lmp)
  • Quake MDL (*.mdl)
  • Quake SPR (*.spr)
  • Quake/Half-Life/etc. PAK (*.pak;*.sin)
  • RDA (anim) (*.rda)
  • RDM (model) (*.rdm)
  • RDM Frankenstein (*.rdmfrank)
  • Record of Lodoss War 1NOSDC.BIN (*.bin)
  • Record of Lodoss War Model (*.rolwmdl)
  • Record of Lodoss War TEX (*.rolwtex)
  • RIM Image (*.rim)
  • RW DFF (very old version) (*.dff)
  • RZL+RZP container (*.rzl)
  • Saint Seiya: The Hades GMI Model (*.gmi)
  • Saint Seiya: The Hades TPL Images (*.tpl)
  • SC4/T6 Model (*.nmd)
  • SH:H MDL Model (*.mdl)
  • SH:H PAK Archive (*.pak)
  • SH:H SYT Texture (*.syt)
  • Shadow Hearts Models/Anims (*.pack)
  • SiN SAM Frame Data (*.sam)
  • SiN SBM Model (*.sbm)
  • Skies of Arcadia Model (*.mld)
  • Sonic Shuffle Model (*.mdl)
  • Source MDL (*.mdl)
  • Space Channel 5 DC Model (*.rb)
  • Stainless CNT Model (*.cnt)
  • Stainless MDL Model (*.mdl)
  • Stainless TDX Texture (*.tdx)
  • Stainless WAD Archive (*.wad)
  • Standard Tessellation Language Model (*.stl)
  • Stanford PLY (*.ply)
  • Stereo JPS Image (*.jps)
  • Stereo MPO Image (*.mpo)
  • Sword of the Berserk Model (*.pac)
  • Tales of VS MGZ (*.mgz)
  • TBD container (*.tbd)
  • TC:RS Model (*.ndp3)
  • Text Sprite Set (*.tspr)
  • TGA Image (*.tga)
  • The Bouncer container (*.bin)
  • ThemePark Image (*.dat)
  • THFS container (*.thfs)
  • TIM Image (*.tim)
  • TIM2 Image (*.tm2;*.tm3)
  • TS:RS container (*.pac)
  • U8 container (*.bin)
  • Unreal ActorX Animation (*.psa)
  • Unreal ActorX Model (*.psk)
  • Valve SMD (*.smd)
  • VTF Image (*.vtf)
  • War Gods PC DAT (*.dat)
  • WaveFront OBJ (*.obj)
  • Windows Portable Executable (*.dll)
  • XPK container (*.xpk)
  • YMO Model (*.ymo)
  • Ys AIA (*.aia)
  • ZARC container (*.zarc)
  • ….

*** Because Noesis is under active development, the list of supported standards and formats (and the notability thereof) is still routinely changing.

// Fan Made Demo Videos //

// Prompts //

  • Noesis seems to have difficulty in reading information for models that do not exist as a single, self-contained file. This means character models for NPCs work fine, but models for player characters may not work.

// Download URLs //

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