[v19.6] OmniPage – World’s second best OCR recognizer

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Nuance’s OmniPage owns superior OCR recognition accuracy and complete, perfect formatting, allows to capture text with a digital camera, works well with any scanner and office applications. Plus, it supports efficient batch processing, has built-in automatic redaction and highlight feature and can recognize 120+ languages.

// Why we call it the #2 //

For individual users, especially those who did not use ABBYY FineReader, regarding Nuance OmniPage Ultimate as the world’s #1 scanning and OCR software (Nitro PDF Professional or Adobe Acrobat XI absolutely can’t rival), this is not surprising. But taken all aspects together, AppNee thinks the best one still should be ABBYY FineReader. In particular, on the identification accuracy, if we say that Nuance OmniPage Ultimate can reach 99%, then ABBYY FineReader will make it up to 120%. After all, Nuance is most good at the speech recognition (not OCR), and the real #1 product in the world they made is its Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking – as the world’s best speech recognizer with amazing accuracy. Anyway, this is just AppNee’s personal perspective.

// Key Features //

  • Very high accurate conversion of scanned documents into text files in 123+ languages
  • Raspoznavatelnye dictionaries for financial, legal and medical professions
  • Convert PDF to Word and Excel documents
  • Excellent calibration character in Pattern Recognition
  • An excellent analysis of the pages and high-speed
  • Multi-core parallel processing
  • Options for Document Management
  • Convert between digital document formats
  • Convert image files into text documents
  • Integrated tools for document management
  • Direct Connection to PaperPort
  • Automatic data collection from forms
  • Adjustable speed control
  • Creating audio documents from paper and digital documents
  • Automatic highlighting and strikethrough text

// Included Products //

  • OmniPage Ultimate
  • Nuance Cloud Connector
  • Power PDF Advanced
  • Vocalizer Expressive
  • PaperPort 14 SE Plus
  • PaperPort Image Printer

// Universal Serial Numbers //

Support Product Serial Number
OmniPage Ultimate v19.1+ Retail
  • Q1095-Y5T-2P3D-NHYK-E7
  • Q1090-X55-R6TD-RGDD-G8
  • Q109A-E54-97AD-CA3W-B6
  • Q109U-R5G-5D6D-P4J1-PK
  • Q109D-U5D-N5RD-RGC2-A9
  • Q109A-500-KQPD-VFYY-E7
  • Q109A-500-NCPD-MRY0-DQ
  • Q109A-500-HJKD-7VJ6-K3
OmniPage Ultimate v19.0 Retail
  • E709E-J6D-GR7D-30AD-1B
  • E709W-K6F-7UZD-Z1R1-6D
  • E7092-J6T-TC7D-306B-ZK
OmniPage Ultimate v18.0 Retail
  • E709Z-Z67-FJ4D-2DVH-XT
  • E7090-Y6T-ECGD-5C4A-H5
  • E7098-C6Y-UB5D-YYC8-89
  • E709B-464-FH5D-VPFZ-V6
  • E709U-96M-713D-8VYA-D7
  • E709M-16G-T5PD-BKG5-2P
  • E709C-P6N-X0DD-P486-AJ
  • E709A-U6Z-3ADD-98E9-RQ
  • E709X-F6U-7F4D-1XTH-FV
ScanSoft PDF Converter Professional v8.1 M109X-92W-3ZXD-BAP5-TE

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Nuance OmniPage Professional/Ultimate Edition multilingual retail full installers along with all versions universal serial numbers for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

for v19.6:

  1. Download and install OmniPage
  2. Finish the installation process, then choose the “Remind me in 7 days” option
  3. Select “Activate product
  4. Use the corresponding universal serial number above to register
  5. Done

for older versions:

  1. Download and install OmniPage
  2. When the installation is finished, click “Remind me in 7 days
  3. Run OmniPage, click “Enter Serial Number
  4. Use the corresponding serial number above to register
  5. Done, enjoy!

// Related Links //

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Professional Edition v18.0 reserved 335 MB
Ultimate Edition v19.0 reserved 1.31 GB
v19.16 2.99 GB
v19.6 3.78 GB

*** The password for ultimate edition v19.0 downloaded via Magnet is ‘101‘. Thanks for reminding from Siraj Adouli.


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