Open 3D Model Viewer – A quick and powerful 3D model viewer

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Open 3D Model Viewer (AKA: open3mod) is a free and open-source universal 3D model file viewing tool, specially made for 3D designers, 3D printing enthusiasts and game programmers. It is developed based on the portable, open-source and cross-platform 3D model import library – Assimp (short for Open Asset Import Library). That’s why it’s able to import various well-known 3D model formats in a uniform manner.

Open 3D Model Viewer supports 40+ 3D file formats, including FBX, DXF, Collada, Obj, X, PLY, 3DS, BLEND, LWO, LWS, STL, IFC, MD5, MD3, MD2, NDO, and more. Meanwhile, it’s also one of the very few independent FBX viewers now. It comes with a tabbed UI, in which multiple scenes can be opened at the same time. In a scene, the 3D views are split into 4 viewports, and each of which can have different camera modes (orbit, FPS, or axis-aligned).

More than just a 3D file viewer, Open 3D Model Viewer is also able to direct edit and fix many common glitches such like improper normal vectors, flipped UV coordinates (or textures) or degenerate geometry. At last, you can export scenes, parts of scenes and textures as many popular 3D file formats, such as OBJ, PLY, 3DS, Collada and STL.

In addition, Open 3D Model Viewer can even play complex skeletal animations, lock individual frames, adjust playback speed, and inspect scene transformations anytime. Its hierarchy inspector allows user to deep look into the scene hierarchy, which is useful for 3D developers who need to integrate 3D scenes into their engines. Soon, it will have mesh repairing ability for 3D printing – i.e.: 3D-printing specific tools for fixing any issues that could impact 3D printing quality.

// Key Features //

  • Powerful 3D preview that leverages modern rendering and lighting technologies and thus gives a good impression of how scenes would look in a modern 3D game, or even in non-realtime renderings
  • Skeletal animation playback at arbitrary speed or single-step.
  • Efficient tools to inspect the scene or parts of it. Filtering and isolating elements is made as easy as possible
  • Tabbed UI, so multiple scenes can be open at the same time
  • Replace textures and fix missing paths by Drag & Drop
  • Multiple viewports (up to 4) and different camera modes such as orbit cameras or even First-Person
  • A multitude of texture file formats is supported through DevIL. Textures are being loaded asynchronously, so there are no extra waiting times if you only care about geometry
  • Export of scenes (or parts of scenes) is supported. Output formats include Collada, PLY, STL, OBJ (as of now)

// Supported 3D File Formats //

  • Autodesk (.fbx)
  • Collada (.dae)
  • glTF (.gltf, .glb)
  • Blender 3D (.blend)
  • 3ds Max 3DS (.3ds)
  • 3ds Max ASE (.ase)
  • Wavefront Object (.obj)
  • Industry Foundation Classes (IFC/Step) (.ifc)
  • XGL (.xgl,.zgl)
  • Stanford Polygon Library (.ply)
  • AutoCAD DXF (.dxf)
  • LightWave (.lwo)
  • LightWave Scene (.lws)
  • Modo (.lxo)
  • Stereolithography (.stl)
  • DirectX X (.x)
  • AC3D (.ac)
  • Milkshape 3D (.ms3d)
  • TrueSpace (.cob,.scn)
  • Biovision BVH (.bvh)
  • CharacterStudio Motion (.csm)
  • Ogre XML (.xml)
  • Irrlicht Mesh (.irrmesh)
  • Irrlicht Scene (.irr)
  • Quake I (.mdl)
  • Quake II (.md2)
  • Quake III Mesh (.md3)
  • Quake III Map/BSP (.pk3)
  • Return to Castle Wolfenstein (.mdc)
  • Doom 3 (.md5*)
  • Valve Model (.smd,.vta)
  • Open Game Engine Exchange (.ogex)
  • Unreal (.3d)
  • BlitzBasic 3D (.b3d)
  • Quick3D (.q3d,.q3s)
  • Neutral File Format (.nff)
  • Sense8 WorldToolKit (.nff)
  • Object File Format (.off)
  • PovRAY Raw (.raw)
  • Terragen Terrain (.ter)
  • 3D GameStudio (3DGS) (.mdl)
  • 3D GameStudio (3DGS) Terrain (.hmp)
  • Izware Nendo (.ndo)

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