OSHE: Hosts Editor – Windows hosts file visual editor

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OSHE: Hosts Editor – Windows hosts file visual editor

OSHE: Hosts Editor (short for Online Solutions Hosts Editor) is a simple, convenient and practical hosts file visual viewer and editor.

// Key Features //

  • two viewing modes (table and text) for fast and efficient comprehension of the hosts file info
  • instant recovery of the default hosts file if undesirable records have been added to it
  • indication of date and time of the latest modifications in the hosts file
  • comfortable search in all viewing modes
  • user's ability to set 'Read Only' file protection
  • completely free

OSHE: Hosts Editor – Windows hosts file visual editor

The hosts file (without extension name) is in the "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc" folder. We usually have to go to this directory and open it with notepad for editing. In terms of the most common application of the hosts file is to block all kinds of ads or web sites.

Its working principle is to associate the IP Address and the Host (domain name) as a pair, in order to realize a quick access to the specific website. But when we are going to specify the IP Address of any Host (website) to '', then this website will not be able to connect or access (i.e. blocked by our computer), so as to realize the purpose of shielding the corresponding URL.

// Edition Statement //

This is the OSHE: Hosts Editor v1.0.0.4176 Final version.

// Related Links //

hpHosts is a community managed and maintained hosts file that allows an additional layer of protection against access to ad, tracking and malicious websites.

// Download URLs //

OSHE: Hosts Editor – Windows hosts file visual editorOSHE: Hosts Editor – Windows hosts file visual editor


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