[V6.0, v2.5] PCRadio – Listen to high-quality radio stations even with a slow Internet connection

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PCRadio is an excellent cross-platform (Windows, Android and iOS) Internet radio software from Russia. Its radio list includes almost all the major Russian radio stations, all the popular online and FM stations on the Internet, as well as full recordings by various music artists. Not only that, all channels are divided into electronic, dance, pop, relax, rock and other categories.

PCRadio has a beautiful user interface and battery efficiency (can be controlled by earphone), supports recording the current radio stream in the broadcast, and provides practical timer and clock control functions (i.e.: using PCRadio’s radio program as an alarm clock). In particular, all stations in the broadcasting list can be listened to over a low-speed Internet connection (with a choice of 3 audio qualities) without affecting the quality of radio stream. In other words, no matter you’re driving or picnicking outside, you can always enjoy this power-saving and headphone-controlled portable radio whenever you have a mobile Internet connection available (at least 24 kbps).

It is a pity that, as of writing this post, PCRadio does not yet have a real, complete English installation wizard and user interface. This has brought some inconvenience to the promotion and distribution of PCRadio in the world.

// Key Features //

  • There are hundreds of different types of radio stations.
  • All stations can be listened to in high quality.
  • Has battery efficiency, and can be controlled by headset.
  • The radio list includes not only radio stations (online and FM), but also full recordings by different artists.
  • All channels are divided into electronic, dance, pop, relaxation, rock and other categories – available 24/7. We’ve chosen the best music, news and talk channels for you.
  • With optional PREMIUM features, it is more comfortable to use.
  • Allows you to set the player to stop playing at a specified time.
  • You can use PCRADIO as an alarm clock.
  • For any radio station in the list, you can choose low, medium, and high quality.

// Included Radio Stations //

  • News Radio
  • Sport Radio 99.3
  • Hit Pop Radio
  • Jazz FM
  • Deep FM
  • Relax FM
  • Lounge Hits
  • Deep Mix Radio
  • Kiss
  • 97 Country
  • Pop FM
  • Classical FM
  • News Talk 90.4
  • Classic Hits
  • Rock 104.5
  • Power FM
  • Radio Maria
  • Grace FM
  • The Edge
  • Mix Radio
  • Smile FM
  • Comedy Radio
  • Radio 90s
  • Retro FM
  • Salsa 98.5
  • Smooth Jazz
  • Dance FM
  • House Mix
  • Chillout Radio
  • and other radio stations in the player list

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the PCRadio Premium Edition multilingual portable full registered versions for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit, as well as paid full versions for Android OS.

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
for Windows
Premium Edition v6.0.2 24.5 MB
for Android
Premium Edition v2.5.0 8.68 MB


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