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When I read some electronic version of books or magazines, occasionally I find some interesting pictures that I want to collect. In addition to the most commonly used approach of making screenshots, if they exist in a PDF file, we have a better method – Using software to extract them out. This comes with two benefits: First, the extracted image is complete (including definition); Second, the operation is simpler and more efficient.

PDF-Tools is a toolkit that contains a variety of PDF processing tools. The functions of all built-in tools are generally divided into three aspects: Create PDF file from scratch or from other document formats (namely format conversion, such as direct scan images save as PDF file, convert images and/or text to a PDF file, etc.); Edit the existing PDF document, including add, modify, or extract content; Other PDF file related operations, such like split/merge, extract a single page, bookmark management, and so on.

BTW, PDF-Tools and the popular PDF viewer – PDF-XChange Viewer has the same developer – Tracker Software Products from UK. And AppNee found PDF-Tools by searching for “extract image from PDF file”. This is why I took this feature as the subhead of introducing PDF-Tools in short.

// Key Features //

  • Directly convert image to PDF
  • Select and convert text to PDF
  • Directly scan images as PDF
  • Add or modify the PDF bookmarks
  • Merge multiple PDF files to a new one
  • Split a PDF file to multiple ones
  • Change the PDF page size
  • Do operations such as cut, rotate, add watermarks, edit thumbnails in PDF
  • Compressed PDF file
  • Remove unused objects
  • Select and extract pages from PDF file
  • Extract images from PDF and save as common image formats
  • Convert PDF to text formats (RTF/DOC that includes/excludes highlights, plain text, etc.)
  • Find text
  • Add hyperlinks
  • Cover multiple PDF files with one PDF document

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the PDF-Tools multilingual portable full registered versions, as well as unlocked files and all versions universal license keys for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

for v8.0.333:

  1. Download and extract program
  2. Run program, enter “Help/Enter License Key…
  3. Click ‘Add New License Key…‘ and paste the following license key:
    • PXP60-Xf/jgxVkiQERhZeFMqUoMTpX3kdbhdNbGcTTGUaKAWYN5Y2PYErRQIj7BZKC+lS7
  4. Done

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// Download URLs //

Version Download Size
v4.0.208 reserved 4.12 MB
v8.0.333 32-bit | 64-bit 21.4 MB | 24.6 MB


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