[v2.3] PerfectCam – AI-powered private video calls with professional looks

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Videoconferencing is now becoming more popular in many businesses, the main reason is people are getting lazy and more and more companies are accepting the fact of doing business online (i.e. Virtual Enterprising). In addition to the video conferencing software itself, we may care more about having a good background environment and personal appearance when participating in a video conferencing. Under such circumstances, PerfectCam can meet your such needs.

PerfectCam is a plug-in nature of video beautification tool specially made for video communication software, developed by CyberLink (讯连科技) from Taiwan in China. It is pretty useful for business people, especially women, to use in videoconferencing. Even if the environment is dark or you don’t have time to put on makeup, you’ll be able to cheerfully participate in any online meeting, in a natural and enviable manner.

As a camera beautification plug-in type of tool specially made for popular video conferencing and live streaming applications, PerfectCam comes with powerful AI face detection technology that can quickly and accurately detect human facial features, as well as AR reality makeup tool that provides a variety of makeup tools and theme makeups for female users to match at will, so as to create the most suitable makeup for their own.

PerfectCam supports background blurring (so you don’t have to worry about privacy leakage of the background behind you), one-click real-time makeup, one-click professional image enhancement, and supports functions such as fill-in light strengthening, color contrast adjusting, exposure adjusting, and even brightening and softening the skin, so as to create ideal lighting effects in video conference. All in all, it ensures that you are always at your best when facing the camera, making your video conference appearance even better.

// Key Features //

Join Meetings From Home with Total Privacy
Hold private business meetings at home without the concern of prying eyes having access to the privacy of their home setting.
Keep Private Information Private
Hide confidential business information from outside eyes to maintain total business privacy during your video calls.
Eliminate Background Distractions
Eliminate any unpleasant background distractions with the click of a button to keep focused on the topic at hand.
Ensure the Best Lighting in Any Environment
Keep your video calls professional in any environment with optimized lighting and adjustable settings. Simply modify brightness, contrast, and exposure before or during a video call to keep your meetings strictly business at all times.
Intelligent AR-Powered Appearance Optimization
PerfectCam uses CyberLink’s patented facial recognition AR engine technology to instantly and accurately apply realistic virtual appearance enhancements and makeup to your video calls. Choose from preset styles or create and save your very own.
Webcam Plug-in for Whatever Video Conference App You Use
Launch popular video messaging apps (U, Skype, Skype for Business & Google Hangouts) directly from PerfectCam via an intuitive drop-down menu. PerfectCam also works as a virtual webcam plug-in, meaning you can use it with any existing video conferencing software and livecasting platforms.
Make Adjustments Fast with Floating IM Panel
When you’re in a video call, them IM Panel will appear on your screen so that you can quickly adjust how you look for the most professional appearance, always.

// Official Demo Video //

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the PerfectCam Premium Edition multilingual pre-activated full installers for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

for v2.1.3330+:

  1. Download and install PerfectCam
  2. Done

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Premium Edition v2.3.4703 144 MB


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