[PGM2] Oriental Legend 2 ROM, Storage Card + Emulator

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[PGM2] Oriental Legend 2 ROM, Storage Card + Emulator

Oriental Legend (西遊釋厄傳) is a series of 2D side-scrolling action arcade games produced by IGS from Taiwan. Oriental Legend 2 is neither Oriental Legend Super / Special released in 1998 nor the Oriental Legend Special Plus released in 2004. It is a brand-new and the real 西遊釋厄傳 II that only released on PGM2 platform in 2008.

As an orthodox sequel, Oriental Legend 2 came with 10 playable characters (5 male + 5 female), high freedom, fascinating high-definition graphics, and smooth & wonderful action design based on combo system. Compared to the few characters in Oriental Legend, in Oriental Legend 2, even the Tang Monk (唐三藏) joined the fight too, which really surprised many fan players.

As the first arcade game uses the storage card mechanism (before this only exists in games such as car driving, light gun shooting), Oriental Legend 2 allows you to use a storage card to save all information of characters belong to you. This includes character's name, level, ranking, equipment, props, and so on, which makes you enjoy the experience of online games on arcade console.

[PGM2] Oriental Legend 2 ROM, Storage Card + Emulator

// Game Modes //

  • Plot (剧情模式): normal difficulty, 7 levels, suitable for novice
  • Online Ranking (网络排名): high difficulty, 8 levels, suitable for superior
  • Challenge BOSS (挑战魔王): fight with BOSS one-on-one, suitable for fast upgrade character's level

// Contained ROMs //

  • Oriental Legend 2 V101
  • Oriental Legend 2 V103
  • Oriental Legend 2 V104

*** Oriental Legend 2 ROM supports 4 languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and English. You can change game language in "Tab -> Dip Switches -> Region". The Chinese edition has two additional characters for choice.

// Fan Made Demo Video //

Necessary configurations:

English demo video:

Chinese demo video:

// How to play //

  1. Direct run 'orleg2.bat' to start PGM2 emulator along with Oriental Legend 2 game rom
  2. Press F3 to skip "Calendar Setting", then Press 6 to insert coin and press 1 to start game as soon as possible
  3. Enjoy!

*** In languages except Chinese, if the keys you defined do not work well, just set all other keys to 'None' (Enter -> ESC) to solve this problem!

// Prompts //

  • In game, press 'Tab' key to enter options menu
  • If you could not insert coin to start game, choose to load the lower version of ROM. Otherwise, you have to wait the 'Push Start' to show
  • Run 'PGM2.bat' to start the game menu, where you can choose from 3 versions (V104, V103 and V101) of Oriental Legend 2 ROM

// Download URLs //

PlatformRegionVersionROM, Storage Card + EmulatorSize
PGM2EN/CN/JPV101, V103, V104[PGM2] Oriental Legend 2 ROM, Storage Card + Emulator63.5 MB


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