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The rapid development of PHP has already surpassed Java and ASP to become by far the most popular Web development language. Its unique syntax mixed with C, Java, Perl and PHP own innovative syntax, supports almost all popular databases and operating systems, and can use C, C++ to perform program extension. With the release of PHP 5 and the adoption of the Zend framework (now the Laminas Project), the marriage of PHP with agile method, design patterns, and unit testing has become a mainstream topic.

PHP in Action: Objects, Design, Agility begins with an introduction to the principles, patterns, and techniques of object-oriented design, then shows you how to use the syntax and features of PHP to solve a variety of problems often encountered in Web programming, covering unit testing, refactoring, user interaction, MVC (Model-View-Contoller) patterns, input validation, form processing, database connections and queries, abstract persistence objects, and more. Through reading this book, readers can learn advanced object-oriented practices, theories and skills, and have a deeper and more thorough understanding of PHP, so as to greatly improve their object-oriented design and programming ability.

PHP in Action: Objects, Design, Agility has a large number of PHP core skills and best practices, is a perfect combination of theory and practice, many similar books can not compete with it, and is considered as a must-read tutorial book for advanced Web developers. Overall, this book is worth a read for any web developer who wants to take his PHP development skills to the next level.

// What’s Inside //

  • Explanation of software engineering principles of design and architecture of web programming
  • How to refactor / redesign / restructure legacy applications
  • Improve existing code incrementally and under time constraints
  • How to use automated testing
  • How to keep web applications secure
  • Many interesting and useful examples

// Table Of Contents //

  • Part 1. Tools and concepts
    • Chapter 1. PHP and modern software development
    • Chapter 2. Objects in PHP
    • Chapter 3. Using PHP classes effectively
    • Chapter 4. Understanding objects and classes
    • Chapter 5. Understanding class relationships
    • Chapter 6. Object-oriented principles
    • Chapter 7. Design patterns
    • Chapter 8. Design how-to: date and time handling
  • Part 2. Testing and refactoring
    • Chapter 9. Test-driven development
    • Chapter 10. Advanced testing techniques
    • Chapter 11. Refactoring web applications
    • Chapter 12. Taking control with web tests
  • Part 3. Building the web interface
    • Chapter 13. Using templates to manage web presentation
    • Chapter 14. Constructing complex web pages
    • Chapter 15. User interaction
    • Chapter 16. Controllers
    • Chapter 17. Input validation
    • Chapter 18. Form handling
    • Chapter 19. Database connection, abstraction, and configuration
  • Part 4. Databases and infrastructure
    • Chapter 20. Objects and SQL
    • Chapter 21. Data class design
  • Appendix A. Tools and tips for testing
  • Appendix B. Security

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