[v4.5, v2.0] Pix4Dmapper – Leading photogrammetry software for professional drone mapping

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Pix4Dmapper (formerly called Pix4UAV) is a is a fully automatic, fast and professional UAV mapping and photogrammetry software developed by Pix4D from Switzerland. It is the research result of EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), a world-class research institution, in the past 10 years. It is also the unique UAV data and aerial image processing software integrating full-automatic operation, fast processing and professional precision in one place in the market.

As a UAV 3D modeling software, Pix4Dmapper uses a UAV to collect data, and achieves automatic 3D modeling via aerial photography and measurement. It has a sophisticated workflow, can quickly realize cloud computing, and generate the most accurate reports, etc. It supports the simultaneous processing of up to 10,000 images, allows to process data from different cameras in the same project, and is able to output the original aerial images as DOM and DEM data format that can be read by any professional GIS software. In addition, it can automatically extract frames from video to create projects, and comes with the automatic orthophoto function.

Without the need of professional knowledge and manual intervention, Pix4Dmapper can quickly generate professional and accurate 2D maps and 3D models from thousands of images. Therefore, it has been widely used in all walks of life, and has achieved the best aerial surveillance and data analysis, including: aviation mapping, disaster emergency, safety law enforcement, agriculture and forestry monitoring, water conservancy, flood control, power line inspection, marine environment, university research, and so on.

// Key Features //

Function Features
  • Aerial —nadir & oblique— and terrestrial imagery
  • Video (mp4 or avi format)
  • Any camera (compact, DSLR, thermal, multispectral, fisheye, 360, large-frame, etc.) images in .jpg or .tiff
  • Multi-camera support in the same project
  • RTK/PPK + IMU data support
  • Camera rig support
  • Ground control point edit and import
  • Known or custom reference coordinate system support in imperial or metric units
  • Camera exterior orientation support
  • External point cloud import
  • Processing templates
  • Rapid Check with Quality Report
  • Camera self-calibration
  • Rolling shutter effect correction
  • Automatic Aerial Triangulation (AAT) and Bundle Block Adjustment (BBA)
  • Automatic point cloud densification
  • Automatic point cloud filtering & smoothing
  • Machine-learning point cloud classification
  • Automatic DTM/DEM extraction
  • Automatic brightness and color correction
  • Quality Report
  • Project merging and splitting
  • Project area definition
  • Custom number of keypoints
  • Multiprocessor CPU + GPU support
  • Radiometric processing and calibration
  • Project visualization
  • Navigation modes
  • Scale Constraint
  • Orientation Constraint
  • Ground control point (GCP ) / Manual tie point (MTP) editing
  • Ellipsoid error visualization
  • Project reoptimization
  • Image masking
  • Point cloud editing
  • Orthoplane creation
  • Polyline and surface object creation
  • 3D mesh and DSM editing
  • Visual outlier detection
  • Fly-through animation
  • Volume object creation
  • Volume object management
  • Base adjustment
  • Region editing
  • Local blending
  • Planar or ortho projection selection
  • Radiometric adjustment interface
  • Reflectance map
  • Multiple region management
  • NDVI map
  • Index formula editing
  • Class management
  • Prescription annotation
  • Prescription map export
  • 2D output results
  • 2.5D output results
  • 3D output results
  • Fly-through animation and flighpaths
  • Optimized camera position, external orientation and internal parameters
  • Undistorted images
COLLABORATION Web share, inspection and visualization
MULTI-LINGUAL Language Options

// Official Demo Video //

// Supported Outputs //

Type Formats
Colored point cloud .las, .laz, .ply, .xyz
Classified point cloud .las, .laz
Orthomosaic GeoTiff (.tif), .kml
Digital surface model (DSM) GeoTiff (.tif), .xyz, .las, .laz
Digital terrain model (DTM), Digital elevation model (DEM) GeoTiff (.tif)
3D textured mesh .ply, .fbx, .dxf, .obj, .pdf

Level-of-detail mesh in .osgb, .slpk

Contour lines .shp, .dxf, .pdf
Facade digital surface model GeoTiff (.tif)
Facade orthomosaic GeoTiff (.tif)
Reflectance maps GeoTiff (.tif), .shp
Index maps GeoTiff (.tif), .shp
Thermal maps GeoTiff (.tif)

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Pix4Dmapper Pro/Enterprise Edition multilingual full setup, local keygen for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit, as well as full installer and unlocked file for Mac.

// Installation Notes //

for v4.4.12 on Windows:

  1. Uninstall all previous versions of Pix4Dmapper very cleanly (using tools like Total Unisntall), including all files, folders and registry keys
  2. Install ‘Pix4Dmapper_4.4.12.msi
  3. Run patch ‘HWID.exe
  4. Find your PC/device name from “Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\System\“, type it to the “Enter Owner value” field in patch, click ‘Generate HWID‘, and copy the generated HWID
  5. Run ‘4D-Permit-4X.exe‘, paste the HWID, and click ‘Decode
  6. Change the “Days” value from 1 to 9999, and click ‘Save REG
  7. Double click the generated reg key file to import license info
  8. Copy the unlocked file ‘version.dll‘ to installation folder (it’s used to block Pix4Dmapper from connecting to the Internet); Or, you can also use the ‘Pix4DTool.exe‘ instead (***)
  9. Then you may need to sigh out/log off/restart to make the registry change take effect
  10. Done

*** The Pix4D Tool realizes the purpose of disconnecting Internet by modifying DNS. You need to restore the DNS setting after exiting this tool. Some helpful CMD commands are as follows:

  • ipconfig /flushdns (Free DNS Cache)
  • ipconfig /registerdns (DNS Registering)
  • ipconfig /release (IP Release)
  • ipconfig /renew (IP Renewing)
  • netsh winsock reset (DNS Socket Reset)

for v2.0.104 on Windows:

  1. Make sure you don’t have any Pix4Dmapper installed on your computer
  2. Add the following line to your hosts file:
    • mapper.pix4d.com
  3. Download and install Pix4Dmapper, do not launch program
  4. Run the local keygen as administrator
  5. Input any different name you like (numbers + letters only; not more than 12 characters; and no spacebar, dot,…), and click the button
  6. Done

*** For Mac, you might have to chmod+x the file in your terminal.

// Related Links //

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
for Windows
Pro Edition v2.0.104 164 MB
Enterprise Edition v4.4.12 416 MB
v4.5.6 416 MB
for Mac
Pro Edition v2.0.104 reserved 175 MB


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