PixelCryptor – Securely encrypt files with image key

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It spreads a lot of methods for hiding document into image on the Internet, just in order to achieve the goal of encryption, unfortunately, not only the process is very troublesome, but also it is impossible to realize the encryption of multiple files or folders.

PixelCryptor is used to encrypt your files/folders, however the password in use is a picture, this avoids the trouble of remembering tedious passwords. In addition, compared with the famous TrueCrypt which can encrypt the entire hard disk, PixelCryptor is much more lightweight, and its operations are relatively simpler.

Currently, there are mainly two ways of encryption: 1. The symmetrical encryption technology 2. Asymmetric encryption technology (public-key cryptography). If you need a very high security for data, then please choose the powerful PGP, I also introduced this software. Of course, if the security requirement is not very high, you can choose this software I recommend to you today – PixelCryptor.

Instead of passwords or key, PixelCryptor uses an image file (it can be any type) to generates a proof code as a lock or unlock key in the archive. If you share this archive through the email (or any other way), the receiver needs to install PixelCryptor first, and at the same time, he/she mush have a correct copy of the image you used to encrypt the files/folders. In order to unlock an encrypted archive, he/she just need simply choose the right image when prompted, then it can be successfully decrypted and gets he/she the content inside.

BTW, although this way sounds very convenient, yet you should be aware of that, if you change the original image (such as editing, renaming) or even lost it, in this case, your encrypted data will be inaccessible. As for the encryption algorithm, the developer does not and will not disclose.

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