Pixia – Lightweight graphics software with amazing possibilities

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Pixia – Lightweight graphics software with amazing possibilities

Fully functional drawing software often has a very high price, which may be a big burden for beginners or amateurs. And in fact they also do not need too professional functions (like Photoshop), so looking for a suitable tool is often the better choice.

Pixia (old name Phierha) is a prestigious feature-rich, full-color graphics painting and retouching freeware in Japan. It has the vast majority commonly used functions of many professional graphics software, yet more convenient, more practical, and completely free!

But please don't think the function of free stuff is also shrunk. For Pixia, everything needed is ready, like the basic drawing tools, selection tools, palettes, etc, even you will find more advanced functions are available.

Pixia – Lightweight graphics software with amazing possibilities

// Key Features //

  • Support full color graphics processing
  • Management of multiple layers, masks, filters, histories and transparent
  • Mode selection original and complete
  • Various and customizable filters
  • Support Photoshop plugins and filters
  • Support up to 10240 x 10240 dots (depends on RAM capacity)
  • Number of Layers: As many as memory lasts, no limitation
  • Support TWAIN32 devices(eg. Scanner or Digital Camera and Digitizer)
  • Support external brushes
  • Many personalized settings
  • Only 15 MB

BTW, if familiar with the Japanese, you can go to the Pixia's Japanese official website to get more official or fan-made filters as well as many users-made tutorials and works.

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