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PlayMaker is a very popular visual scripting tool (based on finite-state machine, FSM for short), also a hierarchical logic framework for Unity, developed by Hutong Games from China. Game designers and programmers can use PlayMaker to conduct interactive development with Unity, and quickly complete prototyping of games. Therefore, it is suitable for both independent developers and team collaboration, greatly improving the game development efficiency.

PlayMaker has many advantages, such as the ability to quickly implement many actions without having to write a single line of code, easy and concise chart management, the ability to play game directly, real-time error checking, the ability to set breakpoints and step-by-step status, etc. However, its disadvantages are also quite obvious. For example, the actions that can be implemented in a few simple lines of code require many states to be implemented by PlayMaker; although it’s possible to make a full game without writing a single piece of code, it’s hard for PlayMaker to make a commercial game, because there are so many features that can’t be implemented at all.

What can really be called a “visual programming plug-in” for Unity should be uScript, while PlayMaker is nothing more than one “visual interaction design plug-in” for Unity. Because PlayMaker allows only one “programming strategy”: FSM, and the design idea of FSM strategy is different from the normal design approach when writing program scripts. Specifically, PlayMaker provides a visual solution that allows users to design and implement interactive logic in Unity using the FSM design idea without having to write scripting code.

PlayMaker was supposed to be the “savior” who would save game makers from the sea of code, but that is just a joke. It can get the user out of writing code, but that does not mean that users can be freed from the task of programming. And because PlayMaker is entirely based on the FSM strategy, it actually makes the programming job harder. Therefore, it is only the first step to learn how to use PlayMaker itself. What is more important is to use this tool to train our thinking and solve practical problems.

The real purpose of PlayMaker is not to replace developer’s programming work, but to give non-programmers a tool to quickly prototype games, allowing them to implement the gameplay design in their own minds on their own. As for what PlayMaker can actually do, that’s a tough question to answer. PlayMaker is just a tool, with advantages and disadvantages. What we can do with this tool is up to us, not the tool.

// Key Features //

Realize your creative vision without knowing how to program!
  • Visual state machines are intuitive and powerful for beginners and pros!
  • Programmers love visual state machines too.
  • Works with all versions and licenses of Unity.
  • Works on all Unity platforms (25+) across mobile, desktop, console, TV, VR, AR and the Web.
Intuitive Visual Editor
  • Quickly add States and Actions.
  • Connect States with Transitions.
  • Manage Events and Variables.
  • Save time with Templates and Copy/Paste.
  • Integrated Help.
Powerful Debugging
  • Realtime Error Checker finds errors before you hit play!
  • Runtime Debugging lets you watch state machine behavior.
  • Set Breakpoints and Step through state changes.
  • Watch Variables as the game plays.
  • Send Events and Set Variables at any time.
  • Use the Log Window to watch transition events.
Highly Extendible
  • Write Custom Actions and they appear in the editor.
  • Custom Actions available for many popular addons:
  • Photon, 2D Toolkit, iTween, NGUI, Smooth Moves…
  • User Community shares actions on the Forums and Wiki.
  • Use the Ecosystem Browser to find custom actions, samples, templates etc.

// Official Demo Video //

// System Requirements //

  • Supported Unity versions: v5.3.0+

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the PlayMaker multilingual full registered package for Unity.

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