PNGOUTWin – PNG image lossless, high strength batch compressor

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For some webmasters or web designers, most often they need to make the webpage image smaller, in order to get a faster network transmission (faster page loading and faster image downloading) and the corresponding lower bandwidth bills.

PNGOUTWin is a smart PNG image compressing tool, there are a lot of similar software, but most of which are to achieve the goal of image file size loss by discarding the transparent layer. But can we still call the non-transparent PNG a PNG format?

On the other hand, PNGOUTWin doesn’t throw away the original transparent layer, instead through removing the unimportant data in the PNG image to achieve the purpose of losing weight. As a consequence, even its volume is reduced a lot, yet you can not see any difference with the naked eye, which just can be seen as lossless compression in a sense.

// Serial Number //

Name Serial

// Installation Notes //

  1. download and install from official site
  2. use the serial number to register
  3. all done.

// Download URLs //

For 32-bit For 64-bit


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