[v1.7.10667] PotPlayer – #2 most popular video player from South Korea

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[v1.7.10667] PotPlayer – #2 most popular video player from South Korea

PotPlayer is a new generation of multimedia player developed by KMPlayer's original author Kang Yong-Huee, after he joined the Daum company (a web portal in South Korea). With relatively small size and clear UI, PotPlayer achieved good support to most of video formats.

Whenever PotPlayer is mentioned, we are going to compare it with KMPlayer (another free and famous media player from South Korea that became popular in the world). AppNee concisely summarized their several differences as follows:

Written inVC++Delphi
CopyrightIndependent copyright that does not originally belong to Kang Yong-HueeNon-independent copyright
LicenseCommercial software (free now), copyright owned by Daum company completelyCompletely free personal software
FeaturePowerful built-in decoderPowerful customization ability and personalization settings
ConflictFrom version 1428, Pandora TV team is responsible for the collective development of KMPlayer

[v1.7.10667] PotPlayer – #2 most popular video player from South Korea

Basically, PotPlayer inherited KMPlayer's convenient filters and plug-ins managing system. At the same time, it simplified KMPlayer's internal decoders system. Now, it solves problems of video playing mainly depending on Bass and FFmpeg series of filters. Moreover, PotPlayer also achieved the DXVA (DirectX Video Acceleration) hardware decoding and multithreaded decoding functions that KMPlayer could not. This enables you to watch high-definition videos more smoothly.

But, PotPlayer's actual processing capacity to low-resolution video is almost at the same level with KMPlayer - nothing special. In particular, its definition of video playing is nowhere near VLC media player, while VLC has obvious delay when you play video by dragging the progress bar. In short, if you are finding a high-quality and fast universal media player, AppNee tells you, the best one is still Media Player Classic series, especially the MPC-BE from Russia.

// Portable Version Features //

  • Removed all ads
  • Ripped the useless built-in IPTV function module
  • Cut Live feature related files
  • Removed temporary setup file
  • Removed useless extra files

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the PotPlayer multilingual portable (with all ads and useless files removed) full versions for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit.

// Download URLs //

FreewareLatestSetup32-bit | 64-bitn/a
v1.6.6Portable32-bit16.5 MB
v1.7.25432 & 6418.1 MB
v1.7.1066732-bit & 64-bit55.8 MB


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