Prime95 – Professional system stability tester

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Prime95 is a professional CPU stress testing tool, it is recognized as the most brutal one of all the computer torture test software.

Prime95 put the ultrahigh workload on the CPU, in order to test its tolerance capacity. This test is high-profile because of its ability to find the stability problems which other similar programs can not do. Moreover, many professional computer OEM manufacturers use Prime95 to determine the stability of their computers.

Prime95 and Super PI (Super ?) have similar places, they are all constantly calculating functions to test the stability of system, but the test environment of Prime95 is more harsh. Even a system can pass 4.19 million times test with ease in Super PI, also can not necessarily survive in Prime95 for a few minutes.

Still has a lot of similar software, such as IntelBurnTest, it is said the test results can be got in a few minutes, but I always doubt its testing accuracy and validity. Besides, many game players also use Prime95 to test their CPU stability after the overclocking, and as the basis of overclocking successfully.

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