[v17.00] Prinect Package Designer – Efficient CAD/CAM system for packaging and die cutting

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Prinect Package Designer is a very efficient and powerful paper, carton packing fast designing & diemaking software from Germany. Its functionality ranges from structure design to sample production, sheet layouts and die cutting parameterization to the generation of presetting data for post-press – covering the entire package production process.

Prinect Package Designer provides users with visual operation interface and abundant, practical drawing tools, and comes with features like 3D display and folding sequence animation, which make the coordination & collaboration between customers and graphic designers easier. In addition, it also contains a packaging design library (including reusable folding carton types, displays and packaging components, as well as the complete ECMA and FEFCO catalogs), and builds in rich materials and templates for your reference. All these features can improve the work efficiency in the design process for designers, and make the design job itself simpler and more coordinated.

// Key Features //

  • Fast and easy drafting of folding cartons and displays with parametric design
  • Economic check and customer approval via interactive 3D display in the PDF including display of the graphic design with finishing effects
  • Animated folding sequences and presetting data for fast set up of the folder-gluer
  • Extensive library with more than 1800 scalable designs and components including the complete ECMA and FEFCO catalogs
  • Integration into the Prinect Packaging workflow with automatic design creation
  • Options to support creative designs and generate die cutting tools
  • Support of the graphic design in Adobe Illustrator with 3D display for visual control and easy object positioning

// License Keys //

Prinect Package Designer 17.x
Prinect Signa Station 17.x
Prinect PDF Toolbox 17.x
Cockpit 17.x
PBM 7.x
Color Toolbox 17.x
Content System 17.x
Meta 17.x
DigitalRenderer 17.x
HighResRenderer 17.x
MetaShooter 17.x
PPI 17.x
Remote Access 17.x
Screening Editor 17.x (4.0)
Smart Color Tool 17.x
Prinect Engines 17.x

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Prinect Package Designer multilingual all-in-one installers (Prinect Package Designer Suite – PackagingSuiteSetup.exe, Heidelberg Application Environment – HDEnvironmentSetup.exe, and Heidelberg Prinect Licensing – LicensingSetup.exe), license file (LicJ.dll) and unlocked patch for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

  1. Download and install ‘PackagingSuiteSetup.exe’
  2. Then install ‘HDEnvironmentSetup.exe‘, then install ‘LicensingSetup.exe’
  3. Run ‘Stop.bat‘ as administrator to stop the license manager service
  4. Copy the ‘LicJ.dll‘ file to the following two pathes and overwrite:
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Heidelberg\Licensing\License Manager
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Heidelberg\Licensing\License Server
  5. Run ‘Start.bat‘ as administrator to start the license manager service
  6. Run “Start> Heidelberg Prinect Licensing > License Manager” to open the license manager
  7. Enter “License Assistant/Next/Enter license/Next
  8. Copy and paste the corresponding keys above, then click ‘License
  9. Done

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// Download URLs //

Version Download Size
v16.00 reserved n/a
v17.00 955 MB


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