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Now, all modern browsers have supported HTML5. Therefore, this is the top priority for each web designer & developer to study and start using HTML5 as soon as possible, in order to enjoy the convenient, fast and powerful functions it brought to web development.

In Pro HTML5 Programming, 2nd Edition, 3 senior web development experts jointly and clear made detailed interpretation to the history background, development and design principle behind HTML5 specification for readers. One by one, it discussed how to use WebSocket, Geolocation, Web Storage, Canvas, as well as audio/video and other unprecedented new features to build the advanced Web applications. All the example s in book came with obvious codes for both client and server ends, which enables developers to quickly understand and grasp the core technology covered by this new generation of Web standards.

Overall, Pro HTML5 Programming, 2nd Edition is suitable for Web application developers with certain experience, and those readers who have strong interests in HTML5 and modern Web application technologies.

// Table Of Contents //

  1. Overview of HTML5
  2. Using the Canvas API
  3. Working With Scalable Vector Graphics
  4. Working with Audio and Video
  5. Using the Geolocation API
  6. Using the Communication APIs
  7. Using the WebSocket API
  8. Using the Forms API
  9. Working with Drag-and-Drop
  10. Using the Web Workers API
  11. Using the Storage APIs
  12. Creating Offline Web Applications
  13. The Future of HTML5

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