[v7.2.7] Pro Motion NG – More than a suite of tools for creating pixel art and animations

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Pro Motion NG is an excellent pixel drawing and animation software developed by cosmigo from Germany, whose design is similar to the famous Deluxe Paint (DPaint) on Amiga OS. Not only is it ideal for artists who create detailed and pixel-accurate graphics for mobile games and portable game consoles, it is also ideal for creating lightweight graphics for Web or Web-based applications and games.

With Pro Motion NG, designers can quickly create pixel-accurate images, animations, sprites, tiles, and level maps used in games for common game engines or frameworks. It provides complete pixel drawing and animation capabilities and tools, and its toolsets and workflows have been optimized for pixel-accurate image and animation drawing.

In detail, Pro Motion NG can automatically remove smeared pixels while drawing freehand; you can use animation or image layers to decouple editing different parts of your graphic; even display contents of different projects as a layer (e.g.: to test backgrounds or parallax scrolling); create level maps; edit tile graphics in place instead of switching to a separate tile library editor; see several frames at once and draw inbetween frames to create smooth animations; use the pattern draw engine to create tiles that give seamless patterns when placed side by side; use and create multi colored bitmap fonts; use the extended Color Palette Editor to cut, move, insert or modify ranges of colors, contrast, saturation; and its grids engine allows to use any type of grid including Isometric, Octagon, Box and flexible pixels like 2×1, etc.

// Key Features //

  • Simple color index and alpha transparency
  • Layer system including effects, blend modes, transparency, locking
  • Over 200 customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Fast zoom and preview
  • Load animations from and save to single image files
  • Cropping and scaling
  • Configure mouse wheel for different functions
  • Unlimited undo history
  • Dark user interface option
  • Pixel size definition to have sizes like 2×1
  • Copy & Paste frames and animation parts
  • Round, rectangular or custom brush shapes
  • Pixel perfect drawing to remove smeared pixels in real time
  • Transparent brushes
  • Animated brushes (brush is animation itself)
  • Anti aliasing
  • Automatic realtime dithering patterns
  • Over 25 different paint modes such as translucent, brighten, darken, shade, soften, color cycle, halftone, tint…
  • Create your own paint modes with a built in formula editor
  • Shape tools like circle/rectangle
  • filled using texture, solid colors or gradients
  • hollow with different dot spaces
  • Pen pressure support for brush size, gradient, dithering…
  • Standard tools like:
    • (poly)line (filled, unfilled)
    • curve
    • brush pickup as free, rectangular, polygonal selection, magic wand
    • spray can
    • text using all installed Windows fonts and self defined bitmap fonts
  • Flood filling using solid color or different gradient filling methods with 2 dither methods (ordered/random)
  • Continous and single dot painting
  • Free customable gradients
  • AnimPainting to flip frames while drawing
Brush Tools
  • Single color, text or custom brushes selected from an image part
  • Support for animated brushes (select an animation as brush)
  • Rotate (90°, 180°, free with real time display)
  • Mirror
  • Resize (free or proportional stretching)
  • Outline with color
  • Shrink for one pixel row
  • Use a brush for pattern filling
  • Load/save (anim)brushes
  • Minimize a brush or animated brush to their optimal width and height
Color Tools
  • Define colors in RGB/HSB-color sheme
  • Web color value editing
  • Import 24bit graphics with automatic color reduction
  • Floating color palette for fast selection and modification
  • Create smooth color ramps
  • Use gradients to fill objects with different color shades (linear, contour, radial…)
  • Create images containing palette based color cycling
  • Sort palette by hue, saturation, brightness or color
  • Copy to ranges of colors from one table to another
  • Color reduction with optimized or custom color palettes including dithering for best image quality
  • Automatically remove unused or duplicate palette colors
  • Import color palettes from image files
  • Ordered and random dithering
  • Use local (frame dependend) or global color palettes
  • load/save palette data
  • modify contrast, saturation and brightness of a range of palette colors
Special Game Development Tools
  • Support for pattern drawing to create endless textures
  • Sprite Sheet support (reading/writing), PNG/BMP
  • Tile map editor with auto optimization, mirroring, flexible export, in place tile modification
  • RGB channel depth can be selected from 222 to 888
  • Multi layer export (layer per file, automatic flattening)
  • Color constraints engine to automatically check graphics against legit hardware limitations (C64, Nintendo DS…).
General Drawing Aids
  • Masking based on masked pixels or colors (stencil) including quick selection
  • Grid to snap the brush to while drawing
  • Draw symmetric images with a special symmetry drawing tool
  • Scaleable zoom grid to create any type of grid including isometric, octagon or box grids
  • Light table to lay different key frames of an animation upon another to be displayed with different brightnesses. This effect is also called onion skinning.
  • User defined brush grip position
  • Fix image to modify and restore on pixel level
  • Simultanous display of zoomed and original image
  • Full screen editing
  • Scaled display of animations while playback
  • Brush container to save and organize brushes, objects and animations for reuse
  • Display of position coordinates and dimensions
  • Wide range of DPaint-shortcuts (Amiga and PC)
  • Lock mouse movement (x/y) for precise positioning
  • Use animated brushes (brush is an animation itself)
  • Different delay values for each frame or FPS delay
  • Key frame definition
  • Several playback modes (pingpong, loop, play…)
  • Scaled animation playback
  • Speed modification during playback
  • Light table/onion skinning to ease animating
  • Color cycling while drawing
  • Insert/delete/append/copy/revert ranges of frames
  • Append animations

// Supported File Types //

  • Compuserver GIF89a (.gif)
  • Deluxe Paint image (.lbm)
  • Dr.Halo CUT (*.cut)
  • Amiga Interchange File Format (.iff) / with Anim5 support
  • Windows Bitmap (.bmp)
  • JPEG (.jpg)
  • PC Paintbrush (.pcx)
  • Portable Network Graphics (.png)
  • Tagged Image (.tga)
  • Autodesk Flic (.fli/flc)
  • Windows AVI (.avi)
  • Sprites (.spr)
  • Windows Icon (.ico)
  • Windows animated Cursors (.ani)
  • Gameboy Cel File (.cel)

// Official Demo Videos //

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Pro Motion NG multilingual portable full registered versions for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

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