Programming Windows, 5th & 6th Editions HD PDF, EPUB, CHM

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Here, AppNee provides everyone the two most popular editions: Programming Windows, 5th Edition (published in 1998, 23 chapters, 1479 pages) and Programming Windows, 6th edition (published in 2012, 19 chapters, 1136 pages) of the classic Programming Windows series of books written by Charles Petzold and published by Microsoft Press (has been over 27 years). These ebooks are in HD PDF, EPUB and CHM formats, shared for beginners who want to learn the Windows program or application development.

// Edition Statement //

  • All the first five editions of Programming Windows discuss how to write applications for Windows using the C programming language and the Windows application programming interface (API)
  • The sixth edition of Programming Windows focuses on writing Metro style applications for Windows 8 using C# and XAML

The 5th edition has become a classic, and has been hailed as a bible, necessary reference for Windows program developers for too many years. Throughout the book, it covers the basic knowledge and advanced subjects, and introduces all the minor details involved in Windows programming in all directions, aims to help readers to establish a complete knowledge system from a high perspective, so as to settle a good foundation for future career. This book is suitable for any level of Windows programmers to read and reference, and is the ideal choice for helping readers combine and build Windows knowledge system.

The latest 6th edition is entirely rewritten specially for Windows 8. It introduces how to use the existing C#, XAML and Windows Runtime skills to create full-screen Windows 8 touchable apps in detail, providing with detailed C# and C++ code examples. This book is suitable for various levels of Windows development enthusiasts to read too.

// Table of Contents //

for 5th edition:

  • Section I The Basics
    • Chapter 1 Getting Started
    • Chapter 2 An Introduction to Unicode
    • Chapter 3 Windows and Messages
    • Chapter 4 An Exercise in Text Output
    • Chapter 5 Basic Drawing
    • Chapter 6 The Keyboard
    • Chapter 7 The Mouse
    • Chapter 8 The Timer
    • Chapter 9 Child Window Controls
    • Chapter 10 Menus and Other Resources
    • Chapter 11 Dialog Boxes
    • Chapter 12 The Clipboard
  • Section II More Graphics
    • Chapter 13 Using the Printer
    • Chapter 14 Bitmaps and Bitblts
    • Chapter 15 The Device-Independent Bitmap
    • Chapter 16 The Palette Manager
    • Chapter 17 Text and Fonts
    • Chapter 18 Metafiles
  • Section III Advanced Topics
    • Chapter 19 The Multiple-Document Interface
    • Chapter 20 Multitasking and Multithreading
    • Chapter 21 Dynamic-Link Libraries
    • Chapter 22 Sound and Music
    • Chapter 23 A Taste of the Internet

for 6th edition:

  • Introduction
  • Part I: Elementals
    • Chapter 1: Markup and Code
    • Chapter 2: XAML Syntax
    • Chapter 3: Basic Event Handling
    • Chapter 4: Presentation with Panels
    • Chapter 5: Control Interaction
    • Chapter 6: WinRT and MVVM
    • Chapter 7: Asynchronicity
    • Chapter 8: App Bars and Popups
    • Chapter 9: Animation
    • Chapter 10: Transforms
    • Chapter 11: The Three Templates
    • Chapter 12: Pages and Navigation
  • Part II: Specialties
    • Chapter 13: Touch, Etc.
    • Chapter 14: Bitmaps
    • Chapter 15: Going Native
    • Chapter 16: Rich Text
    • Chapter 17: Share and Print
    • Chapter 18: Sensors and GPS
    • Chapter 19: Pen (Also Known as Stylus)

// Book Example Codes //

// Download URLs //

Format Download Size
Fifth Edition
PDF 6.78 MB
CHM (Original) 4.40 MB
CHM (Navi) 4.09 MB
Sixth Edition
PDF 22.7 MB
EPUB 8.84 MB

(6th Edition Homepage | 5th Edition Homepage)

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