[PSX] Army Men 3D ROM + Emulator download

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[PSX] Army Men 3D ROM + Emulator download

Army Men 3D is a third-person shooter video game released for PlayStation in 1999. It's actually the 3D remake edition of the first game of the entire series published for PC in 1998 - Army Men. In this game, the character's goal is to collect the tinker toy keys, with which you can find a portal to the Big World.

After porting onto PlayStation game console, Army Men 3D used a brand-new and fully 3D environment, which allowed players to use all the weapons that could be found in the original work, but from a third-person perspective instead. In addition to being able to play this game alone, you are also allowed to enjoy it with a fellow through its multi-player mode.

To facilitate players to use emulators to enjoy this game, AppNee provides Army Men 3D's two ROM file formats: IMG/CCD and BIN/CUE. Just choose the one you like.

[PSX] Army Men 3D ROM + Emulator download

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IMG/CCDePSXe, pSX[PSX] Army Men 3D ROM + Emulator download531 MB
BIN/CUE (tiny)[PSX] Army Men 3D ROM + Emulator download37.4 MB
BIN/CUE (full)[PSX] Army Men 3D ROM + Emulator download530 MB

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