Psytec QR Code Editor – Make your own 2D Code business card

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Psytec QR Code Editor is a two-dimension code information maker, it can include telephone directory, email, web address, text and some other information. This application is very popular in Japan, it is often used to hide information, we can even this software as a “secret weapon” for communications between two people.

QR Code is one kind of two dimensional barcodes – matrix type two-dimension code symbol. The words ‘QR’ are the abbreviations of English “Quick Response”, its inventor’s (developed in September 1994 by the Japanese enterprise Denso Wave) original idea is to make the content of QR Code can be decoded, read quickly.

QR Code can store more information than the common barcodes (multiple bar codes), besides, also, it doesn’t need to align any scanning equipment when scanning, this is not like the ordinary barcode.

QR Code presents square, has black and white two colors. In the three corners, printed 3 small square patterns, like a “?”, which are used to help the decoding software to locate, of course, users do not have to align deliberately when using a QR Code, i.e., whether we scan a QR Code in any angle, it can still be read correctly.

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