Pure Chess – Puts other chess games in checkmate

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Pure Chess – Puts other chess games in checkmate

Pure Chess is a multi-player and multi-platform chess game developed by VooFoo Studios and published by Ripstone from United Kingdom. It combines the classic chess gameplay with the highest game design technique, and brings us a fresh-new fun and different experience for chess game.

Pure Chess is familiar to chess enthusiasts around the world, it can be regarded as the most professional chess application at present. It contains 3 tournament modes, 100 classic final phases (endgame patterns), and human-computer fighting mode (where you compete against 10 levels of artificial intelligence, the stronger you are, the more challenging the artificial intelligence is). Most notably, it introduced the cross-platform online game mode for Xbox One, Steam, and so on popular game platforms - so that players can play with up to 8 players online at any time. It is, after the Rocket League, another influential game that added the ranks of cross-platform online support.

Pure Chess is worth trying for Chess players at all levels. It offers detailed tutorials for players of all ages, from absolute beginners up to the challenge level of masters. Put in a different way, almost anyone interested in Chess can find his place in this game. And as a matter of fact, Pure Chess is the only best and the most comprehensive Chess game on the market for now.

Pure Chess – Puts other chess games in checkmate

// Key Features //

  • 9 chess sets created with stunning detail and precision
  • 6 locations beautifully portrayed
  • Comprehensive tutorial that teaches you basic, intermediate, and advanced chess techniques
  • 3 Tournaments to test your tactics
  • 100 Bonus chess puzzles to ponder over
  • Track your ELO and Tournament ratings in the ranking boards
  • Stunning, hyper-real visuals

// Official Demo Video //

// System Requirements //

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Pure Chess Grandmaster Edition portable full versions for Windows.

// Download URLs //

Grandmaster Edition32-bit | 64-bit633 MB | 634 MB

(Homepage | VooFoo Studios)

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