Raspberry Pi Cookbook, 1st & 2nd Editions HD PDF

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Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer based on Linux operating system, only has the size of a credit card. The original purpose of researching and developing Raspberry Pi is to promote the basic computer science education in schools through low-cost hardware and free software. But soon it got the favor of computer and hardware enthusiasts – they started to use it to learn programming, and create a variety of novel, fashionable hardware & software applications.

Raspberry Pi Cookbook was written by the prolific hacker and author Simon Monk. It includes a large number of practical and hands-on recipes and source codes, explains Raspberry Pi’s configuration and management, network connection, operating system and software in detail. In addition, this book also introduces various techniques of using Python to perform Raspberry Pi development, covering the basic knowledge of Python programming, lists and dictionaries, as well as Python advanced features. At the same time, it also involves much related knowledge such as machine vision, hardware basis, hardware control, electrical machinery, digital input, sensors, display device, Internet of things, Arduino, and more.

As a classic and practical guideline book for Raspberry Pi development, Raspberry Pi Cookbook is very suitable for programmers in all professions, computer software or hardware enthusiasts, and hobbyists who are interested in Raspberry Pi to read. Of course, it also can be used as the guide book for students to learn practical courses related to Raspberry Pi at school.

// What You Will Learn //

  • Set up and manage your Raspberry Pi
  • Connect the Pi to a network
  • Work with its Linux-based operating system
  • Use the Pi’s ready-made software
  • Give your Pi “eyes” with computer vision
  • Program Raspberry Pi with Python
  • Control hardware through the GPIO connector
  • Use Raspberry Pi to run different types of motors
  • Work with switches, keypads, and other digital inputs
  • Hook up sensors for taking various measurements (temperature, light, and distance)
  • Connect to IoT devices in various ways
  • Attach different displays, such as an LED matrix
  • Create dynamic projects with Raspberry Pi and Arduino

// Table Of Contents //

  • Chapter 1 Setup and Management
  • Chapter 2 Networking
  • Chapter 3 Operating System
  • Chapter 4 Software
  • Chapter 5 Python Basics
  • Chapter 6 Python Lists and Dictionaries
  • Chapter 7 Advanced Python
  • Chapter 8 Computer Vision
  • Chapter 9 Hardware Basics
  • Chapter 10 Controlling Hardware
  • Chapter 11 Motors
  • Chapter 12 Digital Inputs
  • Chapter 13 Sensors
  • Chapter 14 Displays
  • Chapter 15 The Internet of Things
  • Chapter 16 Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  • Appendix Parts and Suppliers
  • Appendix Raspberry Pi Pinouts

// Book Example Codes //

// Download URLs //

Format Download Size
Raspberry Pi Cookbook, 1st Edition
PDF 12.5 MB
Raspberry Pi Cookbook, 2nd Edition
PDF 120 MB


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