Raspberry Pi Hacks HD PDF, EPUB

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Raspberry Pi, the world’s smallest computer designed based on the open-source Linux system, has a very strong demand and numerous players around the world. If you’re looking for a platform with great computing power to design and build your software or hardware projects, then Raspberry Pi is just what you need, and the hacking skills in Raspberry Pi Hacks this book will give you plenty of great ideas.

The whole book is divided into 6 chapters, contains 65 practical and creative techniques for using Raspberry Pi, introduces Raspberry Pi in all aspects, and guides readers to create more complex applications as makers. Raspberry Pi Hacks can help readers turn the cheap Raspberry Pi into the core chip of some cool electronics projects. For example, Raspberry Pi’s custom Linux distribution system comes with many customizable configurations, and this book shows you how to utilize these configurations to create and develop your own projects, applications, and functions.

In brief, the content of Raspberry Pi Hacks is easy to understand and rich in examples. Therefore, it can be regarded as a great tutorial book for those readers who have a basic knowledge of Linux and are interested in Raspberry Pi.

// What You’ll Learn //

  • Use configuration hacks to get more out of your Pi
  • Build your own web server or remote print server
  • Take the Pi outdoors to monitor your garden or control holiday lights
  • Connect with SETI or construct an awesome Halloween costume
  • Hack the Pi’s Linux OS to support more complex projects
  • Decode audio/video formats or make your own music player
  • Achieve a low-weight payload for aerial photography
  • Build a Pi computer cluster or a solar-powered lab

// Table Of Contents //

  • Chapter 1 Configuration Hacks
    • Hack 1. Choose and Format the Right SD Card
    • Hack 2. Mount the SD Card
    • Hack 3. Decode the LEDs
    • Hack 4. Update the Firmware
    • Hack 5. Monitor the Raspberry Pi Hardware
    • Hack 6. Overclock Your Pi
    • Hack 7. Overvolt for Higher Performance
    • Hack 8. Get More USB Ports
    • Hack 9. Troubleshoot Power Problems
    • Hack 10. Unbreak Your Raspberry Pi
    • Hack 11. Go Headless
    • Hack 12. Connect with SSH
    • Hack 13. Give Your Pi a Static IP Address
    • Hack 14. Learn to Speak GPIO
    • Hack 15. Connect GPIO Pins to a Breadboard
    • Hack 16. Add a USB Serial Console
    • Hack 17. Add a Reset Button
    • Hack 18. Get Power to the Pi on the Move
    • Hack 19. Test Your Might (in Volts)
    • Hack 20. Add Additional Memory with Swap
  • Chapter 2 Hacking Linux for the Raspberry Pi
    • Hack 21. Build a Cross-Compiler Toolchain
    • Hack 22. Build a Custom Kernel
    • Hack 23. Update to the Latest Prebuilt Kernel
    • Hack 24. Split Memory Between the GPU and Linux Userspace
    • Hack 25. Update the Firmware and Prebuilt Binary Kernel the Easy Way
    • Hack 26. Emulate the Pi
    • Hack 27. Try Occidentalis: The Raspberry Pi Distro for (Advanced) Education
    • Hack 28. Monitor the Pi’s IP Address
    • Hack 29. Run Android on the Raspberry Pi
  • Chapter 3 Raspberry Pi Around the House
    • Hack 30. Share Files with Samba
    • Hack 31. Use Your Raspberry Pi as a Remote Print Server
    • Hack 32. Make Calls with a Raspberry Pi Asterisk Telephone System
    • Hack 33. Build Your Own Web Server
    • Hack 34. Control a LEGO Robot
    • Hack 35. (Appear to) Survive a Gaping Chest Wound
    • Hack 36. Look for Aliens
  • Chapter 4 Hacking the Outdoors
    • Hack 37. Tell the Temperature Outside (Without Going Out There)
    • Hack 38. Check on Your Plants
    • Hack 39. Make Your Pi Water-Resistant (with a Case)
    • Hack 40. Make Your Pi Water-Resistant (Without a Case)
    • Hack 41. Find Geocaches from Your Car
    • Hack 42. See the Light
    • Hack 43. Listen to Aircraft Transponders
    • Hack 44. Control Aerial Photography
    • Hack 45. Have the Best Holiday Lights Display
  • Chapter 5 Multimedia Hacks
    • Hack 46. Play Video Files
    • Hack 47. Enable Additional Video Codecs
    • Hack 48. Build a Pi MusicBox
    • Hack 49. Turn Your Pi into a Radio
    • Hack 50. Control the Pi via Touchscreen
    • Hack 51. Emulate Classic Video Game Consoles
    • Hack 52. Connect a DSLR
    • Hack 53. Set Up a Photobooth
    • Hack 54. Turn Your Pi into a Tiny Media Center
    • Hack 55. Watch Movies in the Backseat of Your Car
  • Chapter 6 Extend Your Pi
    • Hack 56. Control GPIO from a Web Browser
    • Hack 57. Add a Tiny Screen
    • Hack 58. Connect Arduino Shields to Your Raspberry Pi
    • Hack 59. Control a 3D Printer
    • Hack 60. Add a Numeric Keypad
    • Hack 61. Add a Heat Sink
    • Hack 62. Enable the Raspberry Pi Camera on Pidora
    • Hack 63. Build a Solar-Powered Lab
    • Hack 64. Build a MIDI Controller (on the Cheap!)
    • Hack 65. Build a Raspberry Pi Supercomputer

// Book Example Codes //

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