Raspberry Pi User Guide, 1st, 2nd & 4th Editions HD PDF, EPUB

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Raspberry Pi is a credit card-sized mini computer based on Linux OS. It was originally developed to drive the basic computer science education at school through low-cost hardware and free software. Unexpectedly, Raspberry Pi quickly became popular with computer and hardware enthusiasts around the world. They use it to learn programming and create all kinds of fresh and popular software/hardware applications.

Raspberry Pi User Guide was written by the co-founders of Raspberry Pi, so that it is absolutely a very authoritative and practical user guide for learning Raspberry Pi. The whole book is divided into 5 parts, 19 chapters, covering the following knowledge points about Raspberry Pi board and its software: basics of Raspberry Pi, introduction to Raspberry Pi; Linux system management, troubleshooting, network configuration; Raspberry Pi software configuration tools and its advanced configurations; Raspberry Pi serves as home theater computer, use Raspberry Pi for production environment, Raspberry Pi serves as Web server; Scratch programming, Python programming, and make Minecraft run on Raspberry Pi; Hardware hacking, GPIO port, Raspberry Pi camera module and extended circuit board; Python program code, Raspberry Pi camera quick reference, and HDMI display mode.

Raspberry Pi User Guide is suitable for programmers, computer hardware and software enthusiasts, as well as any readers who are interested in Raspberry Pi. Meanwhile, it also can be used as a basic tutorial for Raspberry Pi related practical courses. When finish this book, you will get a general idea of Raspberry Pi. But there’s still a long way to go before you can really do something meaningful with Raspberry Pi.

// Table Of Contents //

  • Part I The Board 11
    • CHAPTER 1 Meet the Raspberry Pi 13
    • CHAPTER 2 Getting Started with the Raspberry Pi 23
    • CHAPTER 3 Linux System Administration 43
    • CHAPTER 4 Troubleshooting 65
    • CHAPTER 5 Network Configuration 73
    • CHAPTER 6 The Raspberry Pi Configuration Tool 85
    • CHAPTER 7 Advanced Raspberry Pi Configuration 99
  • Part II Building a Media Centre or Productivity Machine 115
    • CHAPTER 8 The Pi as a Home Theatre PC 117
    • CHAPTER 9 The Pi as a Productivity Machine 127
  • Part III Programming the Pi 135
    • CHAPTER 10 An Introduction to Scratch 137
    • CHAPTER 11 An Introduction to Python 153
    • CHAPTER 12 Minecraft Pi Edition 181
  • Part IV Hardware Hacking 191
    • CHAPTER 13 Learning to Hack Hardware 193
    • CHAPTER 14 The GPIO Port 207
    • CHAPTER 15 The Raspberry Pi Camera Module 223
    • CHAPTER 16 Add-On Hardware 237
  • Part V Appendixes 251
    • APPENDIX A Python Recipes 253
    • APPENDIX B Raspberry Pi Camera Module Quick Reference 259
    • APPENDIX C HDMI Display Modes 269

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Edition Format Download Size
First Edition PDF 26.9 MB
Second Edition PDF 25.6 MB
Forth Edition PDF 28.5 MB
EPUB 17.7 MB


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