[v5.2.1] Recover My Files – Popular data recovery tool for non technical computer users

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The causes of loss of data are nothing else than the following several common ones: accidentally deleted files/folders; formatted some partition or the entire hard drive (which often happens during the reinstallation of OS); due to wrong operations (unexpected or forcible shutdown, direct or forced pullout, etc.), the invalid partition table error occurred in hard disk, USB flash drive, SD Card and other storage devices, so that they couldn’t be identified or just identified as RAW format.

Now, can see all kinds of so-called advanced, smart data recovery software everywhere. But eventually when you really lose some data and need to recover them, there is only a handful of one or two (more often it is none) can help you to solve your problem in deed. And Recover My Files is the leader one of them. Quite often, after trying the most similar tools, finally you probably find that only it can help you to get most of your lost data back. Moreover, its whole recovery process is much quicker and easier than many others.

About the function specifics that Recover My Files supports, AppNee thinks there is no need to introduce this because of its detailed description and help/tutorial from official site and within software. We just want you to know this: Recover My Files this advanced data recovery software from Australia with pretty high success rate of data recovery can help you easily (just several clicks according to the prompt), fast recover your lost data in a variety of file formats.

BTW, another authoritative level of data recovery software that can rival Recover My Files is the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard from China. And AppNee will release it as soon.

// Key Features //

  • Recover from hard drive, camera card, USB, Zip, floppy disk, iPod and other media
  • Recover files even if emptied from the Recycle Bin
  • File recovery after accidental format, even if you have reinstalled Windows
  • Disk recovery after a hard disk crash
  • Get back files after a partitioning error
  • Get data back from RAW hard drives
  • Recover documents, photos, video music and email
  • Recovers NTFS, FAT(12/16/32), exFAT, HFS, HFS+
  • Support the real-time preview for common file types
  • Allows to scan disk by sectors

// Applicable Scenarios //

  • Deleted or lost files
  • Formatted Disks
  • RAW Disks
  • Missing Drive Letters
  • Windows Re-installs or Windows system restores

// Official Demo Video //

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Recover My Files Professional Edition portable full registered versions for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Prompts //

  • Don’t use any data recovery software on the missing data partition
  • Try not to write (save) any data, content again on the missing data partition. Because as long as any missing data is overwritten, then just give it up! Even if your deliver the entire hard drive to the FBI, the data is not there any more – just replaced by some others. And on the contrary, the success rate can be as high as 95%
  • For recovering the data on some partition or the whole hard disk, then you’d better take the forms of cloning this partition or transfer the disk into a USB-based mobile hard drive and connect it to another computer, in order to ensure, increase higher success rate for data recovery

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// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Professional Edition v4.9.4.1324 reserved 8.81 MB
v5.2.1.1964 25.1 MB


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