River City Ransom: Great Adventure Portable Full

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River City Ransom: Great Adventure Portable Full

River City Ransom: Great Adventure is a side-scrolling fighting MOD game designed by fan player using OpenBOR. It's based on the very classic Down Town (ダウンタウン) series (mainly the River City Ransom - ANA ダウンタウン熱血物語, Downtown Nekketsu Story, Dauntaun Nekketsu Monogatari or Downtown Hot-Blooded story for FC platform) which were originally developed by Technōs Japan.

As the first work of Down Town (ダウンタウン) series loaded the FC home game console, there is no doubt that River City Ransom did very well in all aspects. Although the later ダウンタウンスペシャル くにおくんの時代劇だよ 全員集合!added a lot of elements and character skills, on the degree of classic, River City Ransom is absolutely not second to it or the same series released on other higher game consoles.

River City Ransom: Great Adventure Portable Full

River City Ransom: Great Adventure not only inherited the consistent style of Down Town (ダウンタウン) series: smooth action, exciting fighting, wild and unrestrained sound effects and background music... also added a lot of cool design about action, skill, special effects, sound effects and so on. Of course, the difficulty is also greatly increased simultaneously. Anyway, I'm sure it will remind many players' childhood memories.

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