Road Blocks – Orbox's original inspiration

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Road Blocks – Orbox's original inspiration

Road Blocks is another maze-based series of small game. At first sight, Road Blocks is exactly the same with Orbox series. But apparently Road Blocks is much like the ancestor of similar games!

By contrast, the fact is Road Blocks is not so gorgeous as Orbox, but in almost the same game way, yet Road Blocks has a little difference in design which can bring more or less some freshness. Plus, it has much more harder levels for challenging, so it will cost your longer spare time to work them out. In game, you can choose a world (ice, desert, lava, or space) to start and use your password to resume where you left off.

Road Blocks – Orbox's original inspiration

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Road Blocks 1Road Blocks – Orbox's original inspiration5.03 MB
Road Blocks 2Road Blocks – Orbox's original inspiration5.17 MB

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