Sams Teach Yourself Android Application Development in 24 Hours HD PDF

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Android became the world’s #1 and most popular mobile platform for smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs long ago. Whereupon, more and more people started out studying Android application development. At this point, a good book is very helpful. The Sams Teach Yourself series of books are all good, hence here AppNee recommends Sams Teach Yourself Android Application Development in 24 Hours to Android programming beginners (a bit outdated, but worth reading).

Sams Teach Yourself Android Application Development in 24 Hours consists of 24 lessons, each of which builds on what you’ve already learned in prior chapters, in order to give you a solid foundation for success on Android learning and development. This book comes with straightforward and step-by-step instructions, full-color screenshots, carefully-explained code, QAs, Quizzes, and Exercises, tips, alerts. It almost covers everything about Android programming, from user interfaces to location-based services, social networking, polishing applications, and publishing via Android Market.

When you finish this book, you will not only understand and master each core concept about Android development, but also be able to design, build, test and publish your own complete, fully-featured, meaningful and powerful Android apps from scratch.

// Knowledge Points //

  • Using Eclipse to write apps quickly and efficiently
  • Understanding the application lifecycle
  • Building robust, friendly user interfaces
  • Retrieving, storing, and using data
  • Adding network, social, and location-based features
  • Supporting the camera and other hardware
  • Internationalizing, testing, and publishing apps

// Table Of Contents //

  • Part I: Android Fundamentals
    • Hour 1. Getting Started with Android
    • Hour 2. Mastering the Android Development Tools
    • Hour 3. Building Android Applications
    • Hour 4. Managing Application Resources
    • Hour 5. Configuring the Android Manifest File
    • Hour 6. Designing an Application Framework
  • Part II: Building an Application Framework
    • Hour 7. Implementing an Animated Splash Screen
    • Hour 8. Implementing the Main Menu Screen
    • Hour 9. Developing the Help and Scores Screens
    • Hour 10. Building Forms to Collect User Input
    • Hour 11. Using Dialogs to Collect User Input
    • Hour 12. Adding Application Logic
  • Part III: Enhancing Your Application with Powerful Android Features
    • Hour 13. Working with Images and the Camera
    • Hour 14. Adding Support for Location-Based Services
    • Hour 15. Adding Basic Network Support
    • Hour 16. Adding Additional Network Features
    • Hour 17. Adding Social Features
    • Hour 18. Creating a Home Screen App Widget
  • Part IV: Adding Polish to Your Android Application
    • Hour 19. Internationalizing Your Application
    • Hour 20. Developing for Different Devices
    • Hour 21. Diving Deeper into Android
    • Hour 22. Testing Android Applications
  • Part V: Publishing Your Application
    • Hour 23. Getting Ready to Publish
    • Hour 24. Publishing on the Android Market
  • Part VI: Appendixes
    • Appendix A. Configuring Your Android Development Environment
    • Appendix B. Eclipse IDE Tips and Tricks
    • Appendix C. Supplementary Materials

// Book Example Codes //

// Download URLs //

Format Download Size
1st Edition
PDF 26.5 MB
2nd Edition
PDF 7.35 MB
EPUB 8.26 MB


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