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Save the Cat! is a best-selling film scriptwriting bible written by Blake Snyder. It takes a way that novices and supporters are able to understand and put into practice, deftly cites various successful film cases (Miss Congeniality, Die Hard, Legally Blonde, Signs, and so on) used by the executives of many film companies, unveils the mysterious veil of film, and positively explains film’s type, plot, structure, market, actor selection, and other details. As a result, this book is considered a guide to the secret language used by every film company executive and producer in Hollywood.

Meanwhile, Blake Snyder also owns his book’s namesake software Save the Cat!, which has the methods used by Hollywood’s most successful screenwriters. It’s a story outline software program for screenplays, guides you through the complete story development process step-by-step, from title to logline, and contains the method used by one of the Hollywood’s most successful scriptwriters.

Save the Cat! is very similar to Scrivener, but it is more professional and excellent in the fields of writing/creating/diagramming movie scripts/stories. For example, it has the unique methodology to plot your screenplay or novel; fills in Blake Snyder’s Beat Sheet to guide the 15 story beats of your unique story; fills in the Virtual Board to create 40 scene cards tracking plot, character transformation, and theme; has the ability to export into Final Draft, and more.

// Key Features //

  • Software That Never Goes Out of Date – All Subscribers Receive Updates at No Additional Cost
  • The Blake Snyder Beat Sheet: The Industry “Go To” in Story Structure
  • The Famed Writers Board: Visually Organize and Assess Your Story Including the New Track IQ for Characters, Locations, Set-ups, and Pay-offs
  • Scene Cards: Plot Powerfully by Tracking Emotional Shifts in Scenes and Chapters
  • Detailed Character Profiles: Dialogue Comes to Life with Clear Profiles
  • Story Versioning: Plot Out Multiple Versions of Your Story with Ease
  • Global Find and Replace: Edit with Speed and Ease
  • Easily Export for Distribution: Final Draft for Film and Manuscript for Publishing
  • Technical Support: Fast and Deliberative to Address Any Challenge
  • 2 Activations per Serial Number: Work from Multiple Computers with Ease
  • Develop Novels by Chapter: Easily Swap From Beat Sheet to Chapter
  • Relationship and Object Tracking: Easily Thread Key Relationships and Objects Throughout Your Story
  • The Franchise Board: Plot Multiple Stories across a Series of Films, TV Seasons and Novels
  • Organize, Develop and Track Characters, Locations, Objects, and Relationships across Your Franchise of Novels, Films and TV Series

// Official Video Tutorials //

// Edition Statement //

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// Installation Notes //

  1. Download and install Save the Cat!
  2. Use the keygen to register program
  3. Done

// Download URLs //

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