[v8.7.9] Sawmill – Universal log file analyzing & reporting tool

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[v8.7.9] Sawmill – Universal log file analyzing & reporting tool

To run a website, you must clearly know the visitors and traffics relevant data (including visitor's stay time, location, operating system, web browser, browsed web pages, screen dimension, device type, etc.) of your site by analyzing the log file on your web server, in order to distinctly grasp the future development direction of Internet and your website. Instead of wasting time on manually going through the numerous traffic patterns and logs, you can use Sawmill to achieve this challenging job in a faster way with better results.

Sawmill is a universal and cross-platform log analysis and reporting system, supports the log files (especially the access log and boot log of Web servers, which are usually very big, containing millions of lines of visitor's tracking information) generated by almost any (800+) devices or applications. The data in the generated report can be rendered as bar charts, pie charts and line graphs, letting you visually understand the data statistics through charts.

Sawmill has a full range of log analysis abilities. It is able to quickly read the log file with large size via a variety of network transmission ways, then cuts the log file into pieces and stores them in its own back-end database for later constant analysis and comparison, so as to obtain the content meeting the needs of users. And, Sawmill's reporting system features hierarchical method, human readability, crossing links, relevance, and easy accessibility, which allow you to manage your websites more effectively.

[v8.7.9] Sawmill – Universal log file analyzing & reporting tool

// Key Features //

  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server back-end database
  • Support for Oracle back-end database
  • Support for MySQL back-end database
  • Support for Role-based Authentication Control (RBAC)
  • Multiprocessor log import
  • Multiprocessor report generation and query processing
  • Complete customization of the web interface via Salang programming
  • Report drill down (Zoom Filters)
  • Advanced report filters in the Reports page
  • Clickstream Web Visitor Reports
  • Email option in the Reports, for sending the current report by email
  • User Management Editor for admin and report user access
  • Log Filter Editor (Import Filters) to filter the raw log data into the database
  • Report Filter Editor (Output Filters) to filter the report being displayed without changing the database
  • Report Editor for modifying the reports and the report menu allowing creation and editing of the reports - the graphs, tables and report menu navigation
  • Integrated Sawmill Database
  • Sawmill Scheduler for automation of all analysis functions, including database pruning, emailed reports, and fast static HTML reports
  • DNS resolution for log data IP addresses
  • Geographic Location reports to the City level via GeoLite City™
  • 1022 supported log file formats
  • Multiple log sources including Cluster / Load Balanced environments via HTTP, FTP, Local File or Command Line
  • 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000 and unlimited profile license packs (Upgrade path to Enterprise)
  • Language support for English and other supported languages

// Sawmill Samples //

The Sawmill Samples are live, dynamic sample reports. These Samples are a very good way to see how Sawmill's reports will work in your own environment.

// Universal License Keys //

for all versions on Windows/Mac OS X/Linux
  • enterprise-unlimited-perp-5373-0b04
  • enterprise-unlimited-perp-8830-4411
  • enterprise-unlimited-perp-2098-ad54
  • enterprise-unlimited-perp-6488-87f3
  • enterprise-unlimited-perp-3566-4b83

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Sawmill Enterprise Edition full installers and all versions universal license keys for Windows (32-bit and 64-bit), Mac OS X, and Linux (32-bit and 64-bit).

// Installation Notes //

  1. Download and install Sawmill
  2. Launch Sawmill, and use the universal license key above to register
  3. Done

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// Download URLs //

Enterprise EditionWindowsv8.7.932-bit | 64-bit30.8 MB | 34.1 MB
Mac OS X64-bit34.3 MB


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