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People who like DIY mostly want to make their own screensavers more personalized, in which case some screensaver makers are very helpful. But if you find some free Flash based screen-saver creators like InstantStorm cannot meet all your demands, then it’s time to turn to Screensaver Factory – can build commercial-grade screen savers.

Screensaver Factory is a very complete (professional and highly customizable) screensaver developing software from Latvia. You can use it to create exquisite screen saver just for fun, or make the one contains registration mechanism, distributed as shareware for commercial environment. With its help, we can reasonably combine our favorite multimedia files like image, audio/video, Flash animation… via its lots of built-in special effects, thus to create magnificent screen savers with professional standards!

About specific functionality and features it supports, please see the following Key Features list (in fact, almost all its current features are there).

// Key Features //

  • General
    • Create picture, video and flash screensavers
    • Easy screensaver wizard
    • Great sample projects
  • Content options
    • All popular image files
    • Transparent GIF and PNG
    • SWF Flash animation
    • All popular video formats
    • Dynamic content from RSS feeds
  • Deployment
    • Create self-installing packages
    • Create screensaver CDs
    • Create standalone SCR files
    • Digital signature support
    • Silent-install support
    • Easy testing
    • Auto-update mechanism
  • Content features
    • Add text label to each image
    • Customize each item separately
    • Customize display order
    • Add clock and calendar
    • Customizable background
    • Change screensaver icon
    • Auto-resize large images
  • Graphic effects
    • Over 100 transition effects
    • Exclusive constant movement effects
    • Exclusive display effects
    • Photo frame effect
    • Mask effects
  • Audio features
    • Background music
    • Music playlists
    • Per-image sound clips
  • Sales features
    • Create trial versions
    • Registration keys
    • Create trial screen
  • Marketing features
    • Open website upon exit
    • Open website upon keypress
    • Display image popup
    • Show banner in settings window
    • Add your logo to all images
  • Other
    • Wide-screen support
    • Multi-monitor support
    • Self-contained project files
    • Built-in compression
    • Great compatibility
    • Automated use API

// License Keys //

  • SF65098815423151752364069
  • SF65070617799113076456462
  • SF67956914209502049764329

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Screensaver Factory Enterprise Edition multilingual portable full registered versions, full installers and unlock patches, as well as all versions universal activator for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

for Screensaver Factory v7.x:

  1. Download and install Screensaver Factory (as Enterprise edition)
  2. Exit program, and run the universal activator as administrator
  3. Done

for Screensaver Factory v6.x:

  1. Download and install Screensaver Factory (as Enterprise edition) into a non-system volume
  2. Do not launch it now!
  3. Run the unlock path and locate the directory you installed it to apply
  4. Disable your Internet connection and run Screensaver Factory
  5. Activate it using one license key above
  6. Done, enjoy!

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// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Enterprise Edition v5.1 reserved n/a
v5.25 reserved n/a
v6.10 29.0 MB
v7.x n/a
Screensaver Factory Universal Activator
Enterprise Edition All AppNee.com 30.9 KB


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