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ShadowFlare is a fantasy-themed adventure/action role-playing game very similar to Diablo 2, developed by Denyusha and published by Emurasoft from Japan in 2001. We can regard it as a Japanese style of Diablo coming with its own characteristics and supporting both singleplayer offline game mode and multiplayer (up to 4 players) online game mode, although Japanese game developers are really good at creating console video games rather than PC games.

ShadowFlare’s game background is set in the middle ages, has a variety of missions, a clear and detailed role status interface, as well as pitfalls, adventures, puzzles, dog pets (fight with you, draw enemies’ fire, pick up items for you, or turn into a specific elemental power), supports paper-doll system with customizable colors (there are different effects in appearance while wearing different equipment). There are 4 game careers playable in ShadowFlare, they are mercenary, swordsman, hunter, and enchanter respectively. What is distinct is, ShadowFlare doesn’t ask you to choose one specific character class at the beginning, you are able to change to another character class to your liking simply by using the weapon of the corresponding game career.

Shadowflare is very, very similar to Blizzard‘s original Diablo in many respects, but by contrast, it has poor and repetitive sound effects and monotonous BGM, as well as primitive graphics, blurry rendered sprites, and locked resolution of 640×480. Even worse, you have to click your mouse repeatedly to hack and slash your enemies, and finally kill a far too strong enemy bit by bit in a constant attrition battle. Because, this game does not support auto-attack feature like Diablo II or Dungeon Siege.

// Fan Made Demo Video //

// System Requirements //

// All License Keys //

Episode E-mail address License Key
ShadowFlare Episode One n/a Free
ShadowFlare Episode Two [email protected] XKP5-FWVH-K3D6-1CUC
ShadowFlare Episode Three [email protected] NL7C-T8J5-0YAB-N976
ShadowFlare Episode Four [email protected] WK53-7MCR-BV8H-2788

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the ShadowFlare All Episodes (ShadowFlare Episode One, Two, Three, and Four in one package) portable full registered versions, full setups along with working license keys for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Tips //

  • Hold left mouse, then click right mouse – combo attack

// Prompts //

Any non-english characters are not allowed in the path of the game files or installation destination, otherwise it cannot be installed or run correctly!

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Version Type Download Size
v2.004.000 Final Portable (AIO) 158 MB
Setup (AIO) reserved n/a


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