Shatter – Unmissable brick-break indie game

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Shatter – Unmissable brick-break indie game

Shatter is a well-designed small indie game fusing the retro brick-breaking & shooting game styles and many new gaming elements, cool experience (including the top-level original music).

Although inspired from the traditional Krakout video game, Shatter is definitely not its one upgraded edition. Instead, it's full of delicate, luxuriant graphics and unique gaming originality. The biggest characteristic s of Shatter include the introduction of gravitational field system (you can see it as a airflow-similar control way via mouse keys), which enables players to break the bricks more flexibly by changing the moving ball's orbit based on the physics; the addition of special props such as protection, storm; as well as the new added BOSS wars with a fierce battle for each level that brings vigor to the classic but old gameplay.

Shatter – Unmissable brick-break indie game

// Key Features //

  • Innovative controls, physics effects, power-ups, special attacks, and boss battles which combine to provide an experience that is always interactive
  • Standard, Boss Rush and Bonus game modes enhanced with leaderboards and trophies
  • Vibrant 3D style presented across 10 distinct worlds in 4xAA 60fps HD
  • A fully scored soundtrack featuring more than 90 minutes of great original music

No doubt, Shatter is certainly a very excellent independent small game full of originality and creativity ever, but to a certain extent, AppNee thinks it destroyed itself on its bad naming. They used word to name a software product, and only one word. So how do you want search engines to distinguish it from the word's original meaning? And how can players find or remember it? As you see, Shatter's developers team focused on the game quality itself yet ignored or didn't care about how to promote their great works.

// System Requirements //

// Official Demo Video //

// Edition Statement //

This is the Shatter portable full registered version for Windows.

// Download URLs //

v1.0Shatter – Unmissable brick-break indie game155 MB


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