[v9.25] Shazam – #2 popular music recognition application

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When I hear a song that I like but don’t know its name, I think there are only 3 ways to get its name: 1) try to remember or write down part of the lyrics that I can hear clearly, then search it on the Internet (a bit cumbersome and inefficient); 2) walk over and ask somebody what the song’s name is (somewhat inconvenient, and probably even the person playing or listening to this music knows nothing about it; 3) use an app like Shazam on a smartphone to intelligently, automatically, quickly and accurately identify almost any music being played anywhere!

Shazam is a very classic and powerful music recognition software. It has been developed and maintained for more than 20 years, and is much older than iPhone (founded in 1999). Shazam now has a very comprehensive music library that can accurately identify almost all the popular songs in English, Chinese, Japanese, etc. And most often, it is able to show you the details of a song after “listening to” the music accompaniment for seconds! With its help, we’re not afraid to miss any “good music by chance” anymore!

However, when I finally prepared this post to share it with you (at least half a year ago) – after a delay of four years, I suddenly red the news that Apple had officially announced the complete acquisition of Shazam. At this time, I almost wanted to cancel the collection of this application. Because we are sure that Shazam has neither potential nor motivation to continue to thrive anymore – It is almost impossible for a man who has fought his way to the end to resist the temptation of a “happy life” and be inspired to fight again. Instead, all left would only be a life of ease and pleasure.

In AppNee’s opinion, Apple thought it could use this method to accumulate and maintain popularity, but in fact not only did it ruin the future of this classic app, it also wasted $400 million! Maybe, only after buying all of Shazam’s major rivals (especially SoundHound) at the same time, will Apple be able to take over and lead the entire music recognition field and benefit from it in the end. Otherwise it’s just a dead end. Anyway, it’s really a shame that such a good app has just gone through all sorts of ordeal, but have no change to see the ultimate glory.

// Why Shazam is inferior to SoundHound //

SoundHound can not only recognize music in play, but also support searching music by humming a song! It basically has the same function as Shazam, and their music/song recognition accuracy is very high. Nothing but the reason that SoundHound is even more powerful than Shazam is that: it supports direct searches via humming a song.

That means, for those music that you still remember how to sing but never have a chance to get it to listen to, you can still do that simply by singing it to SoundHound by yourself or just humming out its tune. Even better, whether you’re singing it fast or slow, or humming it in a falling or rising tone, it almost always gives an exact match. If you use it for the first time, I believe you will be amazed at its magic and powerful.

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Shazam Encore Edition multilingual paid full versions for Android OS.

// Prompts //

  • All music recognition software of this kind needs to be used with Internet connection. Because it needs to encode the sound it hears and uploads it to the cloud for matching.

// Related Links //

  • Shazam Charts (discover and listen to the most popular songs in the world)

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Encore Edition v9.2.0 reserved 14.5 MB
v9.13.0 12.6 MB
v9.25.2 6.71 MB


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