[v4.x] Sisulizer – Easy and quick software localizing solution

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[v4.x] Sisulizer – Easy and quick software localizing solution

Sisulizer is a high-profile multilingual software localizing (also can be called translating) tool from Germany. For software developers, it can help you increase your software works’ support to multiple languages, so as to gain more international users; For advanced computer users, you can use it to localize some software that does not provide multi-language support (or does not contain the language you use), thus make it convenient for personal use.

To get started with Sisulizer is very easy. Usually it just needs three simple steps to complete the localization work of some software. It not only provides good support to most of applications, but also can be widely used in the localization of server database, web applications, various source code files, and more.

In addition, as one of the best software localization tools for large enterprises and increasingly global software company, Sisulizer also provides many additional features like report forms and validation, in order to help developers to better carry out their software localization work.

[v4.x] Sisulizer – Easy and quick software localizing solution

// Supported Languages & Platforms //

  • C# and VB.NET
  • C++
  • Silverlight
  • Delphi
  • FireMonkey
  • Delphi Prism / Oxygene
  • Java
  • Windows Binaries
  • XML
  • Visual Basic 6
  • Desktop Databases
  • Server Databases
  • HTML, PHP, JavaScript, ASP
  • HMTL Help, HHP, WebHelp
  • Mobile Platforms
  • GNU gettext
  • Text based files
  • Binary Files
  • Reports
  • Flash Localization

[v4.x] Sisulizer – Easy and quick software localizing solution

// Supported File Formats //

File formatDescription
.NET assembly file.NET assembly file such as an application (.exe) or a library (.dll) file
.NET resource file.NET resource files (.resx).
AndroidAndroid project files (.apk)
C++Builder binary file (32-Bit and 64-Bit)Windows PE file (.exe, .dll, .bpl, .ocx) that has been compiled with C++Builder (Win32) and uses VCL component library
Delphi binary file (32-Bit and 64-Bit)Windows PE file (.exe, .dll, .bpl, .ocx) that has been compiled with Delphi (Win32)
Delphi form fileDelphi form file (.dfm)
Delphi PrismDelphi's ObjectPascal for .NET project files (.oxygene)
Embarcadero .NET project fileEmbarcadero Developer Studio project file (.bdsproj)
Embarcadero .NET project group fileEmbarcadero Developer Studio project group file (.bdsgroup)
Embedded Visual Basic project fileEmbedded Visual Basic project file
FireMoneyFireMonkey project files for Windows, and Mac (.exe, .app)
GuilianiGUIs for embedded systems in the Guiliani text format
HTML (and variants) fileHTML file (.html, .htm) and other files that use HTML markup language such as ASP, JSP and PHP files.
HTML Help (Enterprise Edition)Compiled HTML Help .chm files
Ini (and variants) fileIni file (.ini) and other file that uses section/key format such as InstallShield string table file (.shl)
iOS String resource (.strings) fileiOS apps string resources can now be localized.
Java archive fileJar file (.jar) that contains resource (.properties) files
Java resource fileJava resource file (.properties or .java) or files
JBuilder project fileJBuilder project file (.jpx, .jpr)
JSONlightweight text-based JSON files
PO/POT/MO fileLinux/GNU gettext files, also popular for PHP server applications, and WordPress PlugIns
ReportBuilder fileReportBuilder report file (.rtm)
Salesforce translation filesSalesforce translation files (.stf or .zip)
Source code fileSource code file (.c, .cpp, .pas, .vb, .java, .bas, etc)
TBX fileTermBase eXchange files can be imported to translation memory or project
TMX fileTranslation Memory Exchange files can not only be used as translation memory but also localized themself.
Text fileText file (.txt) that contains key/value lines
Visual Basic binary fileWindows PE file (.exe, .dll, .ocx) that has been compiled with Visual Basic (Win32)
Visual Basic form fileVisual Basic (Win32) form file
Visual Basic project fileVisual Basic (Win32) project file
Visual Studio .NET project fileVisual Studio .NET project file (.csproj, .vbproj) containing a managed code project (e.g. C# or Visual Basic)
Visual Studio .NET solution fileVisual Studio .NET solution file (.sln)
Windows binary fileWindows PE file (.exe, .dll, .ocx) that has been compiled with a C/C++ compiler and uses standard Win32 resources such as dialog boxes, menus, and string resources.
Windows resource fileWindows resource file (.rc, .rc2)
Windows screen saver (.scr) fileWindows screen saver can now be localized.
XLIFF fileXML Localization Interchange File Format file
XML fileXML file

// Supported Database Formats //

DatabaseDescriptionImportLocalizeTranslation Memory
AccessSisulizer can access and localize Access databases.yesyesyes
Access 2007*Sisulizer can access and localize Access 2007 databases if Microsoft Data Connectivity Components is installed on the computer*.yesyesyes
ADO/ODBC compatibleSisulizer can access ADO/ODBC-compatible databases.yesn/an/a
dBase*Sisulizer can access and localize dBase databases if Borland Database Engine is installed on the computer.*yesyesn/a
DBISAMSisulizer can access and localize DBISAM databases.yesyesyes
FirebirdSisulizer can access and localize Firebird databases.yesyesyes
InterbaseSisulizer can access and localize Interbase databases.yesyesyes
MySQLSisulizer can access and localize MySQL databases.yesyesyes
NexusDBSisulizer can access and localize NexusDB databases.yesyesn/a
Paradox*Sisulizer can access and localize Paradox databases if Borland Database Engine is installed on the computer.*yesyesn/a
SQLiteSisulizer can access and localize SQLite databases.yesyesn/a
SQL ServerSisulizer can access and localize SQL Server databases.yesyesyes
SQL Server CompactSisulizer can access and localize SQL Server Compact databases.yesyesn/a

// Simple Tutorial //

Localize your software with Sisulizer in three simple steps:

  1. First, scan the application and locate all of the text
  2. Second, translate the text with Sisulizer's visual editor
  3. Third, build the localized version

// v4.x Universal Serial Numbers //

Enterprise Edition
  • LAENT628967187075489565
  • LAENT628946455843582381
  • LAENT628996807497674923
  • LAENT628994988894246149
  • LAENT628954819658764743
Professional Edition
  • LAPRO782103717607465834
  • LAPRO782167334372085396
  • LAPRO782140895443942478
  • LAPRO782143307941951796
  • LAPRO782128952732682956
Standard Edition
  • LASTD809247920844651624
  • LASTD809297953996358322
  • LASTD809210728200159880
  • LASTD809265870469866872
  • LASTD809273995976709958

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Sisulizer Enterprise/Professional/Standard Edition multilingual v4.x universal license keys for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

  1. Download and install Sisulizer Enterprise/Professional/Standard Edition latest version from official site
  2. Use the corresponding all-edition and all-version universal license key above to finish setup
  3. That's all

// Download URLs //

Enterprise, Professional, Standard, Translator and Free Edition in one packageLatest[v4.x] Sisulizer – Easy and quick software localizing solution (mir)n/a


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