[v2.603] Site3D – Full-featured 3D site and road engineering design software

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Site3D is a fully functional civil engineering 3D design software that is mainly used for road system and infrastructure engineering design. It can help architectural design engineers quickly and accurately design the entire site, including roads, intersections, sidewalks, ground interfaces, contours, volumes, houses, drainage systems, and so on.

Site3D has powerful and sophisticated functions, simple and intuitive user interface, employs interactive 3D view, is very easy to use (without any training required), and comes with good compatibility. As a professional 3D engineering design software, it starts from an engineer’s point of view, and fits the thinking work of engineers, thus doubles the work efficiency of engineers – i.e. they are able to complete delicate, complex and excellent designs in a shorter time now.

Site3D allows user to design drawings and models of construction projects in software, supports integration into BIM systems, and can be exported in the compatible IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) file format, so as to integrate with any BIM viewers. In addition, its graphics conversion function can easily and accurately transform 2D drawings into useful 3D surface models. These can be very helpful for users who need to analyze the ground and map the geographical environment.

// Key Features //

Design features
  • Automatic model recalculation means everything is always up-to-date: BIM
  • Design freehand, snap to imported layouts, create construction lines and arcs with the inbuilt tools or simply input known coordinates manually.
  • One-handed navigation in plan, profile, cross section and 3D view allows for multitasking.
  • Profile, cross section and 3D views automatically update after every design change.
Design roads, footpaths and cycleways
  • Flexible centreline design with straights, arcs and curve transitions.
  • Flexible vertical profile design with straights and parabolas.
  • Automatic proposed surface creation.
  • Always up to date proposed surface contours.
  • Easy adding of super-elevation around horizontal curves.
  • Create custom non parallel carriageway channels that can flex with the road.
  • View automatic cross-sections.
  • Change the crossfall / grade of the road along the drivers’ path.
  • Setting-out tables which automatically stay up-to-date.
  • Create grading slopes with multiple steps to interface to existing surface.
  • Automatic 3D junctions.
  • Automatic 3D roundabouts.
  • Calculate proposed cut and fill volumes.
  • Create speed tables.
  • Create drop kerbs.
Design 3D roundabouts
  • Flexible horizontal and vertical design.
  • Automatic proposed surface creation.
  • Always up to date proposed surface contours.
  • Automatic Inter-junction crown lines.
  • Automatic dead area reduction.
  • Easy to add apron.
  • Additional lane width between junction arms.
Design drainage systems
  • Flexible storm and sewer horizontal and vertical run design.
  • Automatic pipe and manhole collision / conflict detection.
  • Automatically updating manhole schedules.
  • Automatic cover levels.
  • Export directly to flow calculation software.
  • Easy tool to set gradient between any two connected manholes.
  • Section between any two connected manholes.
Design ponds and general earthworks
  • Flexible feature line design tools.
  • Rotate / translate full earthworks or ponds.
  • Create custom grading with multiple steps to existing surface.
  • Automatic cut / fill and water volumes.
Existing surface
  • Automatic surface creation.
  • Automatic boundary creation and trimming.
  • Easy to use intelligent 2D to 3D survey conversion.
  • Calculate existing surface contours.
  • Calculate existing surface height colouring.
  • Calculate surface-surface cut and fill volumes.
  • Calculate simple sections across existing and proposed surfaces.
  • Add manual breaklines to control how surface triangles are formed.
  • Import from AGS file or add manually.
  • Automatic creation of substrata surfaces.
  • Automatically added to all road, path, cycleway and simple sections.
Construction tools
  • Variety of snaps.
  • Variety of construction lines, arcs, etc…
  • Easy to use layer manager where layers are automatically grouped by imported file / model.
  • Ability to hide or highlight individual files / models.
  • Automatic creation of new layers where required.
Import / export
  • Ability to import multiple layouts / surfaces.
  • Direct push to and pull from AutoCAD requiring no intermediate files.
  • Import and export with a large range of file formats.

// Official Demo Video //

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Site3D multilingual portable full registered versions for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

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