SMOz – Keep your start menu tidy and clean

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SMOz – Keep your start menu tidy and clean

In order to make the start menu "slimmer", the first thing we think of is to uninstall as many unnecessary softwares as possible, but the effect is always not obvious enough. Although we can create a new folder to classify and arrange manually, the frequent drag-and-drop operations are much easier to be in chaos.

SMOz – Keep your start menu tidy and clean

At this time, SMoz (whose full name is Start Menu Organizer) can solve this problem easily. It is a Windows start menu items management application with reliable features, in addition to classification management, SMOz has a incidental cleaning function, these can help you keep your windows start menu organized and slim.

SMOz – Keep your start menu tidy and clean

SMoz is easy to use, provides the template function, supports undo/redo operations, and allows to edit and modify according to what you need.

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