[SNES, PSX, PC] Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross ROM + Emulator download

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Chrono Trigger released on SNES console in 1995 is one of few really amazing RPG works in the 16-bit video game era. This SNES game successfully changed the standard rules of RPG, so that made this type of game coruscate with new vitality. Chrono Cross released on PlayStation platform in 1999 is its sequel. Because Chrono Trigger has achieved unprecedented success (became one classic RPG work enjoying equal popularity with Final Fantasy series and Dragon Quest series), at first it was not favored by most gamers or game producers. But the reality is that it surprised the entire game world at that time. Here, AppNee only emphatically introduces Chrono Cross.

Chrono Cross (AKA: Chrono Trigger 2) is a classic RPG masterpiece well crafted by the fantastic production team (many super elites from Enix Corporation and Square Co., Ltd. video game companies in Japan). It has more than 40 indispensable playable characters (player can invite any roles to join his team). In addition, its design of 15 kinds of endings enables players to repeatedly play without feeling tired.

Although the story line of Chrono Cross did not reach the level of Chrono Trigger, its graphics can be described with “unprecedented” (surpass the past and future) – all game effects were shown incisively, vividly, exquisitely and meticulously. Besides, the combat systems of this game series can be described as innovative – emerge one after another. Furthermore, the clever design of elements and attributes makes the combats filled with tricky.

Without question, there are so many games coming with excellent soundtracks used to foil atmosphere that attract a large number of players. But none of them can use music to truly impact player’s gaming experience as with Chrono Cross. Almost any piece of music inside each scene of Chrono Cross can let players really feel that they get themselves comfortable in the game. In other words, Chrono Cross has by far the most outstanding, most incredible synthetic audio tracks among any RPG or other types of games on console and PC.

A lot of great works were born on PlayStation home game console. Chrono Cross is ever one of the best RPG games on any game platforms throughout the entire game history. Of course, there are also many other games coming with good performance, but none of them can perfectly combine all those classic elements together as with Chrono Cross.

// Official Demo Video //

// System Requirements //

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017 Redistributable Packages

// Download URLs //

Game Region Platform Download Size
Chrono Trigger EN SFC 2.71 MB
Chrono Cross EN PSX Disc 1 | Disc 2 366 MB | 342 MB
Chrono Trigger Limited Edition (with all updates/patches) EN PC 864 MB


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