Soldat – CS-style 2D side-scrolling online shooting game

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Do you remember the 2D Edition of Counter-Strike with top-view I posted not long ago? Soldat (means Soldier or Brave in German) is another Counter-Strike style multiplayer action shooting (shoot’em up) game with 2D scrolling side-view, learned characteristics mainly from Liero, Worms, Quake and Counter-Strike.

Soldat’s game difficulty is quite high, the biggest problem is the inside roles are very weak, various possible seckillings. So as a side-scrolling netplay shooting game, it is also very tricky to operate. Soldat builds in a game console, in which you can modify various parameters, including weapon properties.

There are many game modes as well as quite a lot of weapons available. Although the game graphics are concise, yet it is really a well-designed side-view network game, fresh and stimulating. All in all, guys who like shooting games should not miss Soldat, which will definitely bring you a surprise.

// Key Features //

  • Fun with physics based environment
  • Over 18 weapons available for killing
  • Play with friends and thousands of players
  • 7 game modes that will keep you hooked for hours
  • 64 amazing maps
  • Game editors for the creative
  • Join the ever growing friendly community creating mods, maps, scripts and tools
  • It’s free! (optional payed bonuses)

// Primary Weapons //

  1. Desert Eagles (Israel)
  2. HK MP5 (German)
  3. AK-74 (The Soviet Union/Russia)
  4. Steyr AUG (Austria)
  5. Spas-12 (Italy)
  6. Ruger-77 (America)
  7. M79 (America)
  8. Barret M82A1 (America)
  9. M249 (FN Minimi) (Belgium)
  10. XM214 Minigun (America)

// Game Modes //

  • Death match
  • Point match
  • Team match
  • Rambo match
  • Capture the Flag
  • Infiltration
  • Hold the Flag

// Official Demo Video //

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// Download URLs //

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