Songtrix Gold – Essential creative workshop for musicians

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Songtrix Gold – Essential creative workshop for musicians

Songtrix Gold is a music creating software that includes music theory, which can be seen as a set of comprehensive multimedia teaching materials clear and concisely explain what the music is. In the music theory part, it came with more than 118 topics, and illustrated with 350 diagrams and 750 demonstration sounds.

Songtrix Gold starts with basic sounds and music, and is suitable for both beginners and professional music producers. For musicians, using Songtrix Gold will be as flexible and convenient as using word processing software for writers. You can combine chord sequence and apply all music styles and instruments, so that you can generate professional music work in no time! Or, with help of Songtrix Gold, when some inspiration comes into our brain, we can take them down from creating into music works.

Songtrix Gold – Essential creative workshop for musicians

// Key Features //

  • Automatic Styles
  • Effortless Composition
  • Staff Notation
  • Integrated Music Theory
  • Platform for Publishing
  • And Much More...

// Official Demo Video //

// Universal Product Keys //

  • 1111-1119-2896-49WY-LC1V-GAAJ
  • 2222-2214-1578-PJ5L-FUZ5-UAAJ
  • 3333-3313-2202-A3VG-A7MZ-JAAJ
  • 4444-4414-7385-0PRS-ECKE-6AAJ
  • 5555-5515-0044-1RWK-WYGG-4AAJ

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Songtrix Gold Edition v3.x universal product keys for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

  1. Download and install Songtrix Gold Edition from official site
  2. When asked, use any one product key above to finish setup
  3. Done, enjoy!

// Download URLs //

Gold EditionLatestSongtrix Gold – Essential creative workshop for musicians


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