SCREEN2EXE – Record and convert screen demo to self-play EXE file

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Screen2EXE is a very handy screen recording freeware with unique super-high compression algorithm. It enables users to record every step of operation on the screen (including the mouse movements, mouse clicks with wreath prompt, for example), and then saves as EXE executable file (or common SWF, AVI, FLV and MP4 video files) for watching on PC even without video players.

Due to using the algorithm with highest compression ratio in the world, Screen2EXE can obtain the smallest video file size, so as to be convenient to transfer or store. Nay, the demo video it generates supports customizable frame quality, so that we can also choose low quality or gray image in order to get a much smaller file size.

Moreover, for the generated video or EXE file you can also use compression software to make further compression thereby significantly reducing their file size. In a word, you’ll find Screen2EXE is a remarkable and rare screen recording freeware with super-high compression ratio and special output file format support.

// Key Features //


  • Able to record screen activities on the desktop
  • Records mouse movements and clicking
  • Recording of speech from the microphone
  • High speed screen recording capturing up to 30 FPS with ‘Max’ mode


  • Ability to add text, images, annotations and music into your recorded video
  • Add zoom in, focus, fade in/out effects
  • Add delays or cut clips
  • Ability to replace/re-dub audio


  • EXE self-play files and AVI files play screen records on any computer
  • Online formats of MP4 and FLV
  • Recordings have the best quality and scalable settings – from true color mode to grayscale mode to ensure the best compromise between quality and file size

The Smallest Movie Files

  • Based on the advanced and specially designed SSCV2, Sreen2EXE and Screen2SWF has the highest compression ratio in the world, compared to other screen recorders. A smaller file is very important when sharing your demo, tutorial or presentation via the Internet

// Sreen2EXE VS Sreen2SWF //

Screen Record Features Same
Editing Features Same
EXE – with SSCV2, small file Yes Yes
SWF – with SSCV2, small file No Yes
FLV – no SSCV2, big file Yes Yes
MP4 – no SSCV2, big file Yes Yes
AVI – no SSCV2, big file Yes Yes
Recoring time Designed for short time (<1 hours) recording

// Edition Statement //

Sreen2EXE is a freeware, you can also get the SCREEN2SWF Portable full registered version from AppNee.

// Download URLs //

Direct Fast Link Page (Homepage)

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