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“What is happiness?” is a widely discussed topic in human society. Stumbling on Happiness will make you understand, happiness is not only a psychology, but also a science. We came to this world, what the heck is the most important for us? Happiness is the only standard to measure our life, and is the ultimate goal of all targets.

When finish reading this book, you will be able to understand one crucial thing about happiness: happiness never simply refers to making efforts to study or work, accumulating wealth, managing marriage, raising children, healthy diet… and then we could have a happy future. All of these are just the illusion and misunderstanding about happiness we have been taught everywhere and for a very long time.

Following the interpretation of so called “happiness professor” of Harvard University social psychologist Daniel Gilbert (who is regarded as the most influential and authoritative scholar in the field of happiness research in the world), we will abandon the traditional ideas about happiness, and have a real and vivid happiness lesson from the scientific perspective. You will know the people of modern society are with independent choices, and for the first time in history, our happiness is in our own hands. So we should “buy happiness with wisdom”, so as to improve our baseline of happiness.

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