Stunt Rally – A great rally racing game with level editor

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Stunt Rally is a completely free and open-source 3D racing game for Windows and Linux platforms. It uses several open-source technologies (such as driving simulator VDrift, physics engine Bullet, object-oriented graphics rendering engine OGRE, grid’s rendering optimization PagedGeometry, fast, flexible and simple GUI MyGUI, etc.) to construct a very complex and interesting auto stunt rally game.

Stunt Rally offers multiple game modes (Single Race, Tutorials, Championships, Challenges, Multiplayer, Split Screen, Replays and Ghost drive), a track editor (allows creating and modifying tracks), a car editor, hundreds of built-in unique tracks, dozens of beautiful scenes/levels, and a large number of customizable car models. Better yet, these will be updated and maintained consistently by the developer (Crystal Hammer) and contributors around the world.

In game, players can set various graphics parameters based on their hardware configuration, such as parallax of terrain, 3D mapping, reflections in car and water, refraction of water, motion blur, SSAO, depth of field, daylight, HDR, and more. Even better, the developer also provides a track editor that allows users to edit track nodes and their parameters in real time. Players can change the various parameters of tracks, adjust/generate terrains, and even modify the attributes of the cars they drive, so as to make the driving and racing much more fun.

The whole game looks a bit like TrackMania, but it is much more elaborate because of the outdoor sceneries. Instead of a graphically driven racing game like Need for Speed, its fun lies more in the bizarre variety of tracks. BTW, don’t think of this game as a run-of-the-road race, the main purpose of Stunt Rally is to let players perform and enjoy various motor stunts on all kinds of tracks.

// Key Features //

Game Modes
  • Single Race – with 172 Tracks to drive on, in 34 sceneries – over 5 hours to drive all
    • Ghost drive – chase your best time car on track
    • Track’s ghost – best drive for track, a green ghost car ES, on all tracks (not reversed)
    • Replays – save your drive and watch it from other cameras later
  • Tutorials – few short and easy tracks to show various track elements
  • Championships – usually long series of tracks, drive to get higher score, if too low repeat a stage
  • Challenges – few tracks, quite difficult to pass, game already set up
  • Drive with no mistakes to win bronze, silver or gold prize
  • Split Screen – 2 to 4 players on 1 screen (requires a good GPU, it’s best to reduce graphics options)
  • Multiplayer – single races over internet, in-game chat
  • Simulation modes: Easy (beginner) and Normal
  • Stunt tracks having: jumps, loops, pipes or very twisted road
  • Choose from 20 cars (ES is best for rally), few are quite exotic
  • Other vehicles: motorbike, hovering spaceships, bouncy sphere
  • Drives through water or mud areas
  • Dynamic objects on tracks (barrels, boxes, etc), can be hit with car
  • Game controllers support (gamepad, steering wheel, joystick etc.)
  • Input configuring (reassign keys, change sensitivity)
  • Pacenotes – signs above road telling about:
    • turns (and their difficulty), long turns, loops,
    • jumps with required speed, on pipe changes, terrain bumps and jumps
  • Minimap, can be zoomed and rotated
  • Driving aids
    • arrow to next check point
    • next check point beam
    • track completion percentage
    • time difference and current points shown on each checkpoint
  • Detailed list of tracks with:
    • ratings and stats (eg. difficulty, length, rating, width, jumps, loops, obstacles and much more)
    • preview image and minimap
  • Several gauge types (rpm and velocity)
  • 8 Graphics presets for quick change to match hardware performance
  • Many graphics options to tweak each feature individually
  • Terrain triplanar mapping
  • Car/water reflections and fresnel, water refraction
  • Various effects (but significantly lower performance):
    • bloom, motion blur, ssao (ambient shadows)
    • slightly broken: depth of field, god rays, HDR
Track Editor
  • Spline based road – no predefined sets or tiles, giving road absolute freedom in 3D, smoothed between points
  • Real-time editing of road points and their parameters – quick adjusting with keys or mouse to see how it looks
  • Changing all of track parameters in editor (no other tools needed), after each save track is ready to play in game
  • Several brushes for terrain editing (87 total)
  • Terrain generator with many parameters
  • In-editor Help page with all key shortcuts and mouse actions listed
  • Console tab, listing track errors, warnings and hints on save
  • Wiki page and video tutorials available
  • No undo – using quick save and quick load
Car Editing
  • In game car editor allows faster tinkering with simulation parameters
  • and aids creating new cars
  • Many graphs (visualizations) of key car simulation values
  • Tire functions (Pacejka magic formula) editing while driving

// Official Demo Video //

// System Requirements //

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Packages

// Prompts //

  • The game must run in an all-English path, otherwise an error may be reported.

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// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Free game Latest (mir1, mir2) n/a

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