[DOS] Super Mario World DX – Remade work of Super Mario World on SNES

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Super Mario World DX (AKA: Super Mario World Deluxe, Super Mario WD for short) is one of the greatest remake works of the popular Super Mario World on SNES platform ever!

I myself have played various of remake Mario games, and a little picky about picking remake games. For Super Mario World DX, I think it’s just a pity that there are only 5 levels and a few small bugs, but I’m still happy to recommend it to anyone who loves or can tolerate the remake Mario games! Because for Super Mario fans, Super Mario World Deluxe will take you a couple of hours of entertainment all the same.

// Key Features //

  • 5 levels
  • Over 8 different types of enemies
  • 3 power ups (power mushroom, fire flower and 1up mushroom)
  • Full sound and music support
  • Gamepad support (2 or 4 button)
  • 3 saveslots

// Default Controls //

  • A – accelerative running
  • S – jump
  • D – special jump (longer jump)
  • Left/Right arrow – move
  • Up arrow = look up / enter a pipe above Mario
  • Down arrow = duck / enter a pipe below Mario
  • ESC = give up and back to main menu
  • Alt-X = exit game

// How To Play //

To play the old DOS game on Windows system, you need use the DOSBox to help, if you do not how to play game with DOSBox, please reference this tutorial – How to play DOS game on my PC with DOSBox.

// Tips //

For this game, in DOSBox, you need run the “SETUP.EXE” first, or it will not make any sound. If you know the settings of your sound card, you can set the sound enabled by starting the “SETUP.EXE”!

// Download URLs //

Platform Download Size
DOS 5.32 MB

(No Homepage)

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