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Army Men all games in one place

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AppNee once promised a user to share all of the Army Men game works. Years have passed in a flash. Although it started off by intermittently releasing 7 Army Men titles, one game per post, this mission was eventually suspended due to time and effort issues. Now, AppNee has returned to this task and finished it at one go – making all Army Men game works in one place instead. The ones that have been posted will be fixed and referenced here, all the other games will be released all at once.

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Alien Shooter all works Portable full versions in one place

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Alien Shooter is a third-person action shooting game series developed by Sigma Team from Russia, first released in 2003. This game uses the shooting mode of 45-degree overlooking viewpoint that is rarely used in games made for PC platform. Each work continues a dark, terrifying and bloody picture style in both graphics and environmental background sound effects aspects, which makes the player feel depressive in the whole process of gaming.

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[v1.7] 8-Bit Commando – One classic remake edition of Contra

8-Bit Commando is a small 2D indie game developed by 2D Engine and first released in 2011. The first time you see it, you will realize that this is a remake edition of the old but classic series of video game Contra. In other words, that is equivalent to port Contra from FC console to PC platform to let you relive this classic video game.

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[v1.40] 20XX – Mega Man X like action shooter

The high difficulty and high playability of Mega Man series of video games are very popular with players all over the world. But personally, I only like few versions such like Mega Man X5, any 3D versions are never considered. If you are obsessed with Mega Man style of small games for PC, don’t miss 20XX.

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Biozone – Contra-like 2D side-scrolling indie game

Biozone is a 2D side-scrolling STG type of small indie game published by KONAMI in 2010. It came with old-school retro graphics, exciting background music, and flexible character actions design. I believe players who like exciting will fall in love with this game, even if many years later.

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Intrusion 2 Portable Full version for PC download

Intrusion 2 is a 2D shooting game developed by the independent producer Abramenko Aleksey, it has the similar style with “Metal Slug Series“. The game blends the classic 2D gameplay and style, is a platform action game, with many physical elements, and supports PC and Mac platforms at the same time.

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